Angsty feuilly head canon that he was dropped off at an orphanage at a young age and grows up kind of thinking he’s not really worth anything and that it was his fault his parents didn’t love him enough to keep him. He meets the Amis and he’s really distant and doesn’t want to get to close cause what if they don’t like him, what if they abandon them? Eventually he and R become emotionally stunted bros and help each other out


ngl feuilly and grantaire as ‘emotionally stunted bros’ who help each other out and eventually get a lot less emotionally stunted as they get closer to each other and the others is one of my favourite tropes-who-is-actually-to-rare-too-be-considered-a-fandom-trope!

they have coffee dates, but mostly it’s just them sitting around in one of their apartments, drinking a pot of cheap coffee at midnight, listening to music (their musical tastes are surprisingly similar?) and doodleing in Grantaire’s old sketchbooks, not really talking but still enjoying each other’s company.





It would take a rather long time for Feuilly to warm up to Grantaire and for them to genuinely become friends. Discuss?

Yeah, I agree. I mean, not only are they very VERY different but they also come from such different backgrounds. And Feuilly cares about things SO MUCH. And is SO COMMITTED to doing things. It’s a lot like Enjolras and Grantaire, really? A similar problem, I mean. (Although there are differences too, of course; Feuilly and Enjolras aren’t exactly the same.)

I feel that a lot too! I have a lot of headcanons about Feuilly and Grantaire’s friendship and I’d be so happy to talk about them!

I think they would definitely argue a lot at first – no only do they come from different backgrounds but they have such different perspectives, too! Feuilly’s pretty much dedicated his entire life to other people, to change, to freedom and equality; seriously, the guy learned to read and write by himself to give himself a tool to fight for his freedom and others’. He’s defined himself on that – maybe not entirely, but enough. So Grantaire’s hopelessness and fear and cynicism is basically attacking what’s the most important to him. I think Feuilly wouldn’t have much patience for that.

Their point of views are just very hard to reconcile; I think Grantaire would be somewhat jealous of Feuilly, too. He’d see Feuilly, a guy who never had much of anything at all, whose life, on paper, sucks more than Grantaire’s, but who succeeds where Grantaire has failed before and keeps failing. At staying motivated, at finding enthusiasm for learning and fighting for something. Grantaire has no idea what he’d do if he had to live like Feuilly does – he doesn’t know if he’d be strong enough to get up every day and face the world and work while hoping for something better. He wouldn’t be able to get Enjolras’ respect the way Feuilly does.

(and Feuilly gets angry at that, too, because he has nothing Grantaire should be jealous about – he’s not admirable, he’s not hard-working by choice. He does what he does because he has to. Has to work, otherwise his body will starve. Has to fight and learn and hope, because otherwise his mind and soul will starve.)

… it takes a while for them to understand each other, ah. I wonder who would make the first move towards at least getting along a little better? but once they do, once they both see where the other is coming from a little better, they’re the kind of friends who don’t care if they disagree – they’ll argue over and over again but be super protective of each other.


Feuilly spends Christmas Eve with R nearly every year without fail. They don’t live together but nobody should be alone on Christmas and they make each other happy.

Feuilly usually arrives late after a long shift (double pay is nothing to turn your nose up at) and R greets him with a warm mug of hot chocolate and several crappy Christmas movies.

They stay up late and just hang out, talk, complain sometimes. It’s not exactly family for either of them but god it’s nice and it’s what they both need.

They share a bed when they do sleep and wake late for Christmas morning (back of 8). They save exchanging gifts for when they arrive at joly bossuet and musichettas