I have officially eaten the first thing to be harvested from my garden!  😀  My mom and I spent the afternoon baking zucchini bread and watching Leverage.  Not a bad way to spend a day!  ^_^ And the zucchini bread was SO GOOD.  *_*  There was actually enough (even with the entire center cored out) to double the recipe and make four loaves, but we only made the two.  We’re saving the rest of the zucchini for schnitzel.  ^_^

Next thing to harvest will probably be my first tomato, and I’ve finally got an eggplant growing, too!  AND I’M REALLY ENJOYING THIS, JSYK.  ^______^

















This makes me so angry.

If you work in a movie theater and you do this I have no respect for you.

My younger brother is Type 1 Diabetic.

When we go to a movie theater, we always get him diet soda. If he were to get regular when we asked for diet, we would not give him the insulin he would need for it. If that happens, his blood sugar level could go so high he could go into a coma, go blind, or even die.

If somebody gave him regular soda instead of diet without telling us, that person could be responsible for a nine-year-old being killed or blinded.

Just thinking about that makes me so angry. I get scared every time we take him to a movie in case the people working there saw this picture and decide to do the same thing.

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This also applies to baristas

Fun story about the baristas doing this kind of shit. 

I am very sensitive to lactose, not Lactose intolerant but because of stomach ulcers that are still healing. A couple years ago I went to Starbucks right after my classes with some friends and asked for a green tea latte with soy milk. The barista, for some reason out of malice and/or hate for her life so she took it out on me, gave me whole milk in my latte.

5 minutes after my first sip of latte, my stomach cramped BAD. Not the “Oh! time to poop!” kind of cramp but it felt like someone had stabbed me with a knife and twisted it. Now I’ve had this happen before so I knew the cause of it. I went up to the barista clutching my gut screaming at her that she put dairy in my latte rather than soy LIKE I REQUESTED. She denied it and called me a “pretentious white girl for wanting soy”and so my friends got the manager. I had to explain that I had stomach ulcers that were still healing and if I were to go to the hospital for this incident, they would be responsible for it.

Manager flipped his shit and the barista was terrified out of her mind. Pretty sure both thought i was gonna sue. Manager actually fired her on the spot because of the negligence. My friends managed to get me home in one piece while I stayed home for 3 days in absolute agony and missed my midterm.

So remember kiddies, if someone is asking for Diet or “Skinny” or “soy” or anything that is not regular, give them what they requested because it may not be them being healthy, but a dietary need that can possibly be life or death

also if they ARE trying to be healthy you should give it to them to!! Its not your decision to police or question others food choices!!! 

also im lactose intolerant AND ive had stomach infections/ulcers so i feel this. 

I have Celiac Disease, so I’m very gluten intolerant. When I go out to eat at restaurants a lot of people just assume that I asked for my food gluten free because of the gluten free diet fad (which is usually a bullshit diet btw). 

Last month I went out to dinner with a friend at an italian restaurant that had a small gluten free menu. I had been there once before and had their gluten free pasta and it was great! I think one of the managers had been there and was super helpful when taking my order to make sure that everything was gluten free for me. When I ordered the gluten free pasta again this time though, the waitress who took my order all but rolled her eyes at me. I didn’t think much of it at the time, because the restaurant was so accommodating before, I just assumed it would be the same this time.

But sure enough, they brought out my pasta, I ate it, and about an hour later I had extreme stomach pains and was throwing up (in a movie theater no less).

Barfing and agonizing pain aside, eating gluten when you have celiac causes a lot of internal damage that’s hard to notice. The biggest thing is that it damages your intestines, preventing your body from absorbing nutrients properly, which can take months to heal.

So PLEASE, if you work at a restaurant or anything with food and someone asks for something a certain way, please listen to them and don’t just disregard someone’s order. It’s not funny and it can have serious consequences.

I will reblog this with every single story about someone getting sick because of an asshole giving them the opposite of what they ordered until it sinks in for everyone.

Recently on the news a 16 year old boy with a dairy allergy had gone to eat at IHOP with his family. The specifically asked if they could make dairy free pancakes and they said yes. Not too long after he had a reaction and was rushed to the hospital. This kid died because the was dairy in his pancakes that they asked for no dairy. His epi pen that his mother had wasn’t enough to help him. I know working in fast food or any job that’s serves food and beverage sucks but not as much as causing someone to get sick over negligence.

My youngest cousin – who is now five, he just started kindergarten – has Celiac’s disease. You would not BELEIVE the amount of times I’ve heard my aunt say she’s ordered something gluten free, only to watch the waiter or waitress’s eyes go huge when she gives it to my cousin – my cousin with the medical id band on his tiny five year old wrist proclaiming I HAVE CELIACS and have to take it back.

Shit like this could kill my cousin. Knock it the fuck off.

I cannot tolerate caffeine–it makes me have chest pain and a racing pulse, and also gives me horrible body pain, so I always ask for decaf if I order coffee when I’m out, and doublecheck with the waiter/ress when they bring it. but instead of saying “is this decaf like I asked for?” I always say “oh, did I remember to order decaf?” I shouldn’t have to act like I’m the forgetful one (because I know damn well I asked for decaf) but it seems to work better than implying that they screwed up when I take the blame on myself like that. and if there’s any hesitation when they answer, I tell them, “if there’s any doubt, please get another one, or just give me water–if this is regular, it’ll mess up my heart” and lots of times when I say that, they look alarmed and go change it or get another one. 

but I shouldn’t HAVE to share my personal medical history with strangers just to get my order right! no one should! how is it their business? it makes me really uncomfortable to have to do that. JUST GIVE PEOPLE WHAT THEY ORDER!

I’ve reblogged this maaaany times before but there’s a few new stories on here so i’m doing it again.

cut this shit out

don’t be that kind of asshole.

As a diabetic, this would make me so beyond angry. Skinny doesn’t mean they don’t have a life threatening illness. Skinny doesn’t mean they can process sugar the way you do. People that do this are the worst kinds of people. DO NOT DO THIS!

Me and my family went to a restaurant a few years back and one of the dishes we ordered was made with wine vinegar, which I am allergic to, so we asked the waiter to skip it, and he said sure, no problem, that’s fine.

So my food gets to the table, and I start eating and then my throat closes and I can’t breathe and then I start coughing and throwing up right there in the middle of the restaurant and it was very fortunate that I was with my family and they knew what was happening to me.

I had to be rushed to the hospital, and admitted, and I came damn near close to having my throat cut open so I could breathe through a whole on my neck.

Because they put wine vinegar in my food when I explicitly told them not to, because they were assholes, and I could have died.

They probably didn’t mean to hurt me but they did. I missed class, and work, and, again, I COULD HAVE DIED.

So much all of this. Unless I’m at a Chinese restaurant, I always tell the waitstaff about my dairy allergy– because then there’s a 95% chance they’ll take me seriously. I’ve learned to read them, and check everything, and make sure to order things that are “easily” adjusted (there are certain places I don’t order a salad because the cheese is too close to the salad bin and they can’t seem to give me one without any). I’ve accepted that every time I go out to eat, I’m pretty much putting my life in other people’s hands. It sucks, and my friends and coworkers don’t always understand why I don’t find going out to eat a treat.

If I’m getting something small, though, like french fries (OMG, McDonald’s fries have beef tallow with milk in it though?), or a drink, I don’t usually tell them. Especially if it’s just a drink and a bag of chips and the ingredients on the chips are right there.

If I had trouble with sugar, though? I wouldn’t think much to say “I absolutely must have diet soda because I’m diabetic” because that shouldn’t be so hard to do right.

Always give people what they ordered. You don’t know why they’re asking.

I just realized that it’s been a while since I last posted pictures of my gardening efforts and THERE ARE UPDATES!  😀

The two outside pictures up top are of my first zucchini to be harvested (I’m afraid I waited a day too long to harvest it, but I’ll let you know about that once it’s become zucchini bread.  ^_~) and in the center is MY VERY FIRST EGGPLANT!!  XD  I’M SO EXCITED ABOUT THAT.  Anyway, the bottom picture is of my very first tomato… and it is now my very first tomato to start turning red, too!  😀

So, YAY!!  I’ll be eating these things soon!!  😀

Anyway.  Carry on.  ^_^

is there any food you can order or make that won’t make you sick? ❤

Not really. It’s not the type of food that’s the problem it’s the fact that I seem to need 4-5 hours to digest before I lay down to go to sleep. I can eat like… little snacks and things after 9 without a problem, but little snacks aren’t ever enough. So I end up eating more in “little snacks” than I would have in a real meal and end up with the same problem. This falls under the category of “things I really should see a gastroenterologist about” but they’re just going to tell me it’s acid reflex and try to put me on acid reducers and being put on acid reducers when I didn’t need them was what STARTED this whole mess to begin with. UGH. I mean, I always needed time to digest after eating before laying down, but two hours used to do it. I never needed FIVE. 😛

Uh-oh.  Thanks to a torqued schedule because of bringing Gabriel in for a dental cleaning today (and then not being able to leave him alone until he was less wobbly from the anesthesia), I was not at all hungry for dinner at dinner time and thus didn’t eat.  And now it’s 20 to 9 and I’m JUST starting to get hungry.

…but if I eat this late, it will totally give me indigestion and then I won’t sleep.  UGH.  THIS IS A PROBLEM.

Especially because I have no food in the house and would have to order in which means no food until possibly 9:30.  *sigh*  DAMN it.  And if I DON’T order in food, I’m going to end up eating like… chocolate and four bowls of cereal for dinner because I’ll be so hungry I won’t be thinking straight, and I will definitely regret that more.  UGH.  FAIL.

On the upside, I did manage some toast.  I also printed my lesson and attendance sheets for tomorrow.  By then I was feeling a bit more settled so I had made grilled cheese.  So far, so good.  I really should think about going to bed soon, especially because I’m exhausted, but now I need to stay up a while and digest.  *sigh*  Poor timing.  😛

Maybe I’ll toss out a meme…?








i was about to joke about how my political stance is “end lawnmower culture” but then it occurred to me that i actually Am against lawns as suburban status symbols and wastes of land that Could be used to sustain native flora & fauna and grow food for people, but no, instead they are these huge useless swaths of land that need Constant maintenance, the process of which is not only destructive, but Incredibly Loud

You know that actually is the purpose of a lawn? They started as a trend of the French monarchy – the ones revolutionaries beheaded for being self indulgent assholes.

It exists purely as a status symbol that says, “I have land but I don’t have to use it for anything productive. I can invest time, money and resources in maintaining an entirely useless crop on land I’m not farming just because it looks pretty.”

Lawns offend me.

Why have that stunted golf course in front of your suburban house if you can’t even water it? Get one of these instead.

Unite Against the Lawn

Pro tiny house, anti grass lawn. Prioritize practicality.

This is actually really interesting because back in the 1950s and 60s in Australia when we started getting large waves of Southern European migrants one thing the Italians and others would often so is buy a little suburban home, then tear out the ornamental flower beds and lawn and useless trees and plant fruits, vegetables, grapes and even olives. It was considered completely scandalous by their Anglo-Saxon neighbours because lawn was considered an aspirational thing and the ideal was to go from not needing a kitchen garden and having an ornamental garden to show how well you were doing.

A lot of places make it illegal to not have a lawn in the U.S.

The first thing I want to say is that I agree with this wholeheartedly.  Lawns are generally wasteful and the only really good use for one that I’ve ever heard is to have a place that your dogs and/or your kids can have some space to run around, play, and be dogs/kids.

My father has always had food gardens at his house.  He grows tomatoes, cucumbers, herbs like mint, basil, and scallions, zucchini, and strawberries.  He also had grape vines for a while.  Instead of dedicated flower beds, we have dedicated fruit and vegetable beds.  We could probably supply tomatoes to half the block and still have more than enough for our own use.

And it’s wonderful to have all that fresh produce available and it’s a HELL of a lot cheaper than buying it all in a store.  The fruits and veggies that come from our garden are SO GOOD and so fresh.  And the herbs that we grow are so much more flavorful than the dried stuff you get at the store.  This coming summer I’m planning to use some of my own yard to plant things that my father doesn’t plant, like eggplant and some of the other squashes.

But here’s the one thing I have to recognize: it’s hard work.  And not everyone has the time or energy for it.  My father’s food beds take up maybe a grand total of 10% of the lawn, if that.  He used to have twice as many beds planted and taking care of it
took a decent portion of his free time in the spring/summer/fall.  He’s
cut back now that he’s older, and it STILL takes a decent amount of time
every day just to harvest what’s grown.  So, yes, I wholeheartedly support the idea of maintaining part or all (if it’s legal) of your land as food-growing land, but I can also understand why one might not.  If you plant as much of your lawn as, for example, that second picture for which I have SUCH ENVY, I can easily see it taking a good portion of the day to take care of it.  So, all I’m saying is that not everyone can devote that kind of time.

If you do, though?  You should totally do the thing.  *nodnod*

(And I am TOTALLY hanging on to that second picture as a dream of what to do with my own lawn someday.  *_*)

*whining behind the cut*

*sigh* I did NOT eat enough for dinner tonight.  And now I’m hungry.  But I have no easily make-able food in the house.  And if my uncle’s still awake, I’d have to explain why I’m making a second dinner when he and my dad made dinner before and I don’t want to make him feel bad.  -.-;;;

I ate a sweet potato and like… 1 or 2 pieces of ham.  Because the ham was too fatty for me and too cold on top of it, but when you microwave it, the fat gets all gelatinous and it’s so gross I just can’t deal.  And that was NOT enough.  And it’s been three hours and I’m really, really hungry now.

…maybe I’ll call my mom and ask her to look across the yard and see if the light is still on in the den.  If he’s not awake, he’ll never know and then I won’t make him feel bad.