Little Gavroche wrote on my Instagram when i have posted Enjolras, and of course i would draw our smallest barricade boy!! 

Here is Little Gavroche stirring everyone to follow him!

“Think you’re poor?
Think you’re free?
Follow me, follow me!”



Little Les Amis & Co. summer things

  • night time gatherings in Jehan’s roof garden, city lights and the smell of flowers
  • Bossuet’s collection of the most ridiculously patterned swimming trunks (from neon colours to flamingos to surfing dinosaurs)
  • the explosion of freckles in Feuilly’s face after the first really sunny day
  • Grantaire using pencils to tie up his hair
  • Joly carrying around at least three bottles of sunscreen after Enjolras
    turns up with his skin matching the colour of his jacket (It’s red.
    Like. Lobster red.)

  • Courfeyrac and The Great Seduce Combeferre Plan Of 2K16 (which literally consists of a never ending array of the shortest hot pants imaginable)
  • Combeferre and The Great Seduce Courfeyrac Plan Of 2K16 (including tight, short sleeved button-ups because tattoos and also biceps)
  • Bahorel arranging both of said plans
  • Musichetta barefoot with long swinging maxi skirts

  • Cosette teaching Gavroche how to make flower crowns and everyone getting into a competition to get him to give them the first one
  • Éponine trying not to get caught smiling fondly at the slightly crooked flower crown on her head but refusing to take it off
  • Montparnasse’s choked off sobs in the distance when Marius shows up in socks and sandals


((Seeing that Father’s day post going around got me wanting to draw some cute Cosette with her papa… but then I got sad for Marius and Georges and then I got carried away with the Thenardiers NO SURPRISE THERE.))




Courfeyrac & Gavroche 

You have such wonderful soft colors! And I love the way the tricolor repeats through the picture. 

#reminder that this exists and it is beautiful and painful#yes i just reblogged it like a week ago#i don’t care#this picture kills me#bc gavroche is so trusting and cozy#but courfeyrac isn’t entirely relaxed#you can see a little bit of tension in his face still#he knows this is just a reprieve#queueueue (via takethewatch)

Javert: (Disguised on the barricade) A buddy of mine saw Javert take his shirt off in the shower, and he said that Javert had an eight-pack. That Javert was shredded.

Gavroche and Enjolras at the same time: Your friend’s a liar. Javert’s a punk ass bitch.