Male and female brains aren’t wired differently

New research, published in October in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, concluded that despite size discrepancy, there’s no functional difference between men’s and women’s brains. “Male” brains and “female” brains simply don’t exist. In fact, there’s significant overlap.

and the myth of binary biological sex and gender essentialism continues to come crumbling down




‘The Sims 4’ update just introduced gender fluidity to the game — and it’s beautiful

A free update to the 16-year-old franchise made available Thursday will enable players to select their characters’ physique, voice and gait in a way that enables gender customization within the game like never before.

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All gender-based restrictions have been removed from ‘The Sims’ | NME.COM





Electronic Arts have announced today (June 2) that all gender-based boundaries have now been removed from The Sims.

Until now, the popular video game series has restricted certain
clothing, hair styling, body shape, walk type and voice options to
either male or female characters.

However, with a free update made available today, all options will be available to all characters regardless of their gender.

Electronic Arts said in a statement to press today that it wanted to
“make sure players can create characters they can identify with or
relate to through powerful tools that give them influence over a Sims’
gender, age, ethnicity, body type and more”.

I don’t play ts4 but yay!

here’s a screenshot of custom gender settings too! kinda disappointed theres no option along the lines of even just “other” instead of just male/female but there’s a lot more wiggle room and im personally pretty pleased w the improvement bc its a lot more that we get from most everything

well it probably operates on the fact the game only HAS two frame options built in for the actual character models that determine things like having breasts and the sizes of waists and hips and all that so thats probably what its asking altho i see ur point. they would just have to implement a third frame type and thats a lot more work than this because it involves modeling and animating a new set of polygons

All gender-based restrictions have been removed from ‘The Sims’ | NME.COM





So one day a dwarf is talking to a human and finally realizes that when humans say woman, they generally mean “person who is theoretically capable of childbirth” because for whatever reason, humans assign social expectations based genital differences. (What a fucked up culture, the dwarf thinks.) But hey, better communication! So the next time the dwarf introduces theirself, they say, oh, by the way, I am what you call a “woman.”

And the trade negotiations just stop. They just stop cold. The tall people insist on speaking to the man, they insist on talking to the lady dwarf about all sorts of irrelevant bullshit, like recipes and childrearing and perfume

so the dwarf goes back home, enraged

and is like “BTW guess what happened, we’re all just going to be men forever now as far as the tall ones are concerned”

and everyone is justly horrified at this barbarism but they all agree to do whatever it takes to squeeze those tall bastards for all the resources they are worth

and the dwarves get surlier, and the trade agreements less generous

and the tall people are all “what a miserable and greedy race”

but really they’re just still nursing a grudge about how goddamn backwards and sexist the tall people are

because their best negotiator, one of their sacred cave people, got snubbed the instant she said she was capable of childbirth – and a mortal insult like that can never be forgiven

Because Pi’s tags are great:

#yes good #personal headcanon: dwarves have fundamentally misunderstood human pronoun usage #and gender roles #they are very perplexed by it #eventually they went ‘fuck it apparently ‘he’ is the correct word’ #‘it’s their language and they keep using it for us’ #so then you have this situation where dwarves are cognizant of the words ‘mother’ and ‘wife’ #but not the usual use of ‘she’ secondary headcanon specific to Tolkien dwarves #dwarves that choose to bear children are held in high regard #because they are making new dwarves it is the ultimate craft #that’s what mahal did you made a new person #it is very impressive #everyone is impressed

Just as an additional thought, we hear that women dwarves generally stay within the mountain and are a protected, guarded subset of the dwarves. There’s not many of them, so there’s an implication that women dwarves are too precious to be allowed out.

But what if this too is a mistranslation? What if the dwarves were talking to the Men and when asked “where are all your women?” they hit a wall. They whisper amongst themselves, and eventually come back with a question, “What’s a woman?” The Men are incredulous.

“Why, the members of your race that bear children, of course!“

More dwarven whispering.

They reach the conclusion that Men mean dwarves who are currently pregnant. Well! Of course those dwarves are currently safe within the mountain, well cared for and generally loathe to travel until the child is born. The Men take this to mean that all dwarven women are discouraged from traveling, and that their primary purpose is childbearing. Dwarves find this a satisfactory outcome, especially with the way Men treat their women, and so even when the misunderstanding becomes clear to them they never correct it.

I’m in love with this.

Reblog if you have used dude as a non gender specific term.





where I grew up in California not only is “dude” generally non-gender-specific, half of the time it doesn’t even refer to a person at all.

I said it to a faucet today. 

Having also grown up in California, I can attest that dude can be anything. Males are dude. Females are dude. My phone is dude. That cat over there, it is dude. The green light that only lasts long enough for 1 car to pass is dude. I have called my hair “dude”. I have called my coffee maker “dude”. The entire population of the world, and all of their belongings, are all dude.

we are all dude

Top Irish news reporter announces he is “gender fluid”


After 16 years of service, the 44-year-old journalist, Jonathan Clynch, asked that he now be referred to as Jonathan Rachel Clynch by RTÉ.

The term, gender fluid, means that Clynch sometimes identifies as male and sometimes as female.

The national broadcaster released this statement:

“[We], both as an employer and broadcaster, value the uniqueness of individuals and encourage diversity and equality.

“We are 100% supportive of Jonathan Rachel who is a valued member of staff and a highly respected journalist.”

On Twitter the Irish public have also been showing support for Clynch and RTÉ.

The source continued, “The reaction has been hugely positive so far and if his situation serves as a talking point and a way to educate people then it’s a good thing.

According to “Gender fluidity conveys a wider, more flexible range of gender expression, with interests and behaviors that may even change from day to day. Gender fluid people do not feel confined by restrictive boundaries of stereotypical expectations of women and men.

“For some people, gender fluidity extends beyond behavior and interests, and actually serves to specifically define their gender identity. In other words, a person may feel they are more female on some days and more male on others, or possibly feel that neither term describes them accurately. Their identity is seen as being gender fluid.”

Read the full piece here


Top Irish news reporter announces he is “gender fluid”

Reblog if you have used dude as a non gender specific term.






where I grew up in California not only is “dude” generally non-gender-specific, half of the time it doesn’t even refer to a person at all.

I said it to a faucet today. 

I say it to myself when im alone sometimes

All the time

I’m sorry it’s true.