if i ever get a DUI, i’d like it to go like this 

do yourself a favor and watch this. seriously. but plz don’t drink and drive.

nature is amazing

OK.  I had given up going to sleep in favor of finishing watching Jack the Giant Slayer and… I picked up a crack/rarepair.  BECAUSE I REALLY NEEDED ONE OF THOSE FOR A MOVIE THAT’S ALREADY YULETIDE-LEVEL SMALL.  *headdesk*  DAMN it.  -.-;;;  And damn Elmont and the King for throwing all those Looks at each other during the final battle.  UGH, YOU TWO.  HONESTLY.  I DIDN’T ASK FOR THIS.  *sobs softly*


So, about Feuilly, Cosette, and Valjean’s first Christmas: Cosette picks out the biggest tree on the lot because she feels safe under its branches, just like she does staffing near Valjean. Valjean carries it home and then spends the day (1/2)


helping Cosette and Feuilly make decorations. Feuilly is frustrated at first, because he thinks Cosette’s look so much better than his, but Valjean is patient with him, and within twenty minutes he’s happily cutting out shapes and gluing them on paper, too. It becomes a yearly tradition, to make new ornaments, and they get better and better each year, but Valjean makes sure that those first ones still make it onto the tree. And no matter how embarrassed they act, secretly Cosette and Feuilly love him to pieces for it. ^_^ 

oh gosh!! this is so cute and lovely I love them so much thank you ❤