Can we kickstart this somehow?

Or even a boyfriend!

Idris Elba is a talented cellist whose career was held back due to raising his younger brother alone.

Tom Hiddleston is a jaded Arts & Entertainment columnist who hates the Christmas concert season (thanks to the one horrid Christmas violin recital he gave during his university days – the recital that made him vow never to play in public again).

Idris has such talent and feeling and magic in his performance, though, and Tom finds himself feeling something again. After requesting an interview, he discovers that it isn’t just the music that has captivated him; it’s the gorgeous, brilliant man behind it, too.

Predictable rom-com ups and downs ensue, culminating in a public proposal at the end of and important benefit concert.

Tom writes a song just for Idris and plays it on the violin at their wedding.

They live happily ever after.

HeartStrings – Coming to theaters this December

Can I humbly suggest we add Aldis Hodge to the cast as Idris Elba’s friend from music school who made it pro:


Learning to Break It Down

So for today’s lesson, I’m using what I consider the ultimate in knitwear porn.  This was designed by Jean Paul Gaultier and I’m kicking myself for not realizing I could have seen it in front of me at the De Young museum exhibit in San Francisco while I was there.  Jebus, it’s stunning.

There’s a technique that I want to teach you whenever you are looking at inspiration.  And that’s breaking things down into their technical elements.  

You can see a simplified breakdown in the last picture.  The upper body of the garment is actually just a really good version of a ribbing and cable panel sweater.  The cable panels are all different, and all used in slightly different ways.  They’re not symmetrical, which adds tremendously to the sheer excitement of this garment. (Now there’s an easy to add dose of inspiration to add to whatever you’re making… panels of stitch patterns don’t have to be applied symmetrically.)

The bottom is a crochet lace base.  There’s another idea… mixing up knitting and crochet.  There’s no rules that say it has to be one or the other.  

There’s a tremendous amount of surface detailing, from the applied i-cord, to those wonderful flowers and grapes.  And it manages to do it in a way that isn’t overwhelming.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love Nicky Epstein as much as the next person.  But a wide shawl collar filled with knitted roses is a bit much.  This shows that careful application of surface detailing has a much greater impact.

So break it down.  Look at those ideas.  It’s not about ripping off other designers or attempting to recreate what they made.  It’s about expanding the potential of design and seeing how different looks are accomplished and then using those ideas and elements in your own way.


The astro-fashion-loving Internet collectively gasped when ESA’s Hubble twitter account posted three gorgeous gowns, by Czech designer Jirina Tauchmanova with only credit “Photo: Vasek”, which google thinks is a Canadian tennis player. For four long days I couldn’t find anymore images, until, today! Which is why I’m sharing a belated #FashionFriday and #StarrySunday combo.

These gown were shown at Serbia Fashion Week back in December 2015 as Jirina Tauchmanova‘s Spring/Summer 2016 collection – I hope that means they will be available for purchase soon!

I think I recognize at least two of the images, NGC 602 & 30 Doradus, but I’m going to have to see these in person to be sure, yes, definitely, and probably try them on, too.