Obi-Wan did not pause to consider what it had cost him to win his victory over Darth Maul, but rushed immediately to Qui-Gon. Kneeling at the Jedi Master’s side, he lifted his head and shoulders and cradled him gently in his arms.


inspired by this awful post



imagine your favourite character with the most agonizingly pained expression on their face as they watch the love of their life die and there’s nothing they can do about it

Pick your ship, because Obi-Wan Kenobi’s life is a nightmare.


obi wan kenobi: *watches helplessly as his master is killed right before his eyes*
obi wan kenobi: *devotes his entire life to training his apprentice*
obi wan kenobi: *is betrayed by his apprentice*
obi wan kenobi: *has to fight and almost kill said apprentice*
obi wan kenobi: *is killed by his former apprentice thirty years later*
obi wan kenobi: *has the evil grandson of his former apprentice named after him*
obi wan kenobi: no really im fine, totally fine, everything is great