Purr-fection is Overrated (3275 words) – [AO3] [ff.net]

No sooner had Jehan swiped open the call and gotten the phone to his ear than Grantaire’s voice filled his ear. He sounded confused, a little stunned, and just a step on the way towards panic.

“So… I may have accidentally sort of adopted five cats.”

Jehan slowly sat up. “You… what?”

December 26, 2015: I just had to say to my wonderful recip that I loved each and every one of your prompts and it was a real struggle to figure out which one I wanted to write. I hope you enjoy the one I finally picked! ^_^

Yay! Reveals are over, so I can now add links. ^_^ This is the story I wrote for @lesmiswinterhols recipient kitty_trio. Also, I realized just now that I missed an opportunity for a purrrrrrr-fect pun, here, so I changed the title a smidge. I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist! ;D

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Relationships: Grantaire/Jean Prouvaire, Les Amis de l’ABC Friendship, Minor or Background Relationship(s)
Characters: Jean “Jehan” Prouvaire, Grantaire (Les Misérables), Les Amis de l’ABC
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