Watch: With tears in his eyes, Obama just announced the executive action Americans have been waiting for.

The most important initiative is the administration’s attempt at closing the notorious “gun show loophole”: a gap in current law that allows guns to be purchased from private vendors at gun shows and online without the purchaser being subjected to a background check.

The executive actions also call for a $500 million investment to improve access to mental health services, as well as changes to bureaucratic rules that impede the ability of the current national background check system to tap into databases that track people who are banned from obtaining firearms for specific mental health reasons.

Moreover, the White House announced additional funding for enforcing gun laws through the the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. The FBI will also be overhauling the background check system to make it more efficient and hiring more than 200 new examiners and staff to help manage that process.