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I really hope the les mis fandom hasn’t forgotten this awesome song”

#video post  #les miserables  #EIRENICAL!  #how the heck have you not seen this?  #i mean; i’m pretty sure i showed this around to everyone and everything way back when  #how the heck could i have missed showing this to you?!  #that just does not happen!  #either i failed you or your memory failed you  #there’s no other option  #anywho; this is a masterpiece

I mean, I remember people sharing it around? And I think I remember reblogging it?  But I don’t think I ever got to watch the whole thing.  CLEARLY THIS WAS A MISTAKE.  IT HAS NOW BEEN RECTIFIED.  ;D


I’d say it’s completely ok to be biased when it’s your own cat. :’D I’ve been pretty busy myself with matriculation exams, but I’m sure we’ll watch things together again AND SEE THEM LIKE WE’VE NEVER SEEN THEM BEFORE! >:’<

Matriculation exams? 😀 OMG, GOOD FOR YOU!! 😀 That’s exciting! And yessssssss. WE WILL WATCH ALL THE THINGS. ^__________^ *clings to you some more*

It’s feels like it’s been FOREVER. I’ve missed you! ;___; Ugh, look at that cute lil cat, tho~~ :‘3

I knoooooooooooow.  *clings*  I feel like I got swallowed up by school and work and research projects and all kinds of stupid crap.  SOMEDAY I WILL HAVE FREE TIME AGAIN.  SOMEDAY WE WILL HANG OUT AND WATCH STUFF.  IT WILL HAPPEN.  IT WILL.

And Gabriel is totally precious and adorable, isn’t he?  ^______^  NOT THAT I’M BIASED OR ANYTHING.  ;D



okay Shoujo Cosette

let’s make the wanted poster of Valjean super detailed and then regular Valjean be all


“ He looks sort of familiar, officer, but the man I saw was drawn in a totally different style!”