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Kaaaat have you seen this?  😀

yesssssssssssssssssss and I am in love with her footwork and at the same time in despair because I will never be this cool

honestly this is amazing dancing.  and I danced at a school where I regularly watched dancers who placed in the world championships.  it’s just really important to me to make sure you all know that this isn’t just a great song and a creative pairing of art forms, it’s a kickass awesome piece of irish dancing.

I at least know enough that I recognize most of the moves in this!  I can even do some of them (that high kick with the heel click on “I go to to France for more funds”–I can do that!)  (… that one’s actually not a very challenging move).  But there’s so much in this (those fast twists and drums, and all those pretty, slow toe stands, ahhhh) that I would have to practice for a hundred years to come close to doing.

guess I’d better start practicing. 😛


Jonathan Groff, Brian D’Arcy James and Andrew Rannells strut their stuff as “The Schuyler Sisters” with Renee Elise Goldsberry as Burr in this lip sync bonanza. Get well soon Lin-Manuel – everyone misses you! (x)



“Trying to out-Eponine Eponine in this piece”
-Lin Manuel, page 85 of the Hamiltome

Alright Tumblr. You have a whole BOOK to play with for your arts & crafts now. Have fun, don’t hurt anyone, make good choices!


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One of my very favorite things besides ballet is Hamilton the Musical on Broadway (@hamiltonmusical). So I decided to combine both by doing Grand Allegro to “Dear Theodosia” from Hamilton. It’s an extra special video too because the song is about a father’s love for a child and my daddy is in the background of the video running my music. I am so thankful for my parents and everything they sacrifice to help me reach my dreams! #Hamilton #hamiltonmusical #HamiltonBway #RiseUp #TheRoomWhereItHappens #DearTheodosia @olivia_thedancer @jacquelineporterballet


Watch: If you have theater friends, you’ve been on this car ride.