The retro-modern adventures of Han, Leia and Luke

Han and Leia share some good news with Luke. It is then that poor Han suddenly remembers his wife’s genes.

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They could see a world reborn…

I was not emotionally ready for this post.



the star wars movie NOBODY asked for


im S C R E A M I N G about all those things you want to write especially the last two oh my god



So, the thing is: 

-Luke Skywalker is a virgin at twenty-three. And, like, okay, it’s not as though he didn’t have opportunities. He totally had opportunities. After he blew up the Death Star? He could have slept with, like. At least three separate people, if he’d wanted. 

-but he politely declined them all, on account of having very stupidly lost his heart to 

-A) Han Solo, and 

-B) Princess Leia. 

-he doesn’t know about the incest yet. He’s nineteen when he joins the Rebellion. He pretty much knows that Han is kind and Leia is good; that there’s a singing, sparking connection that’s drawing tighter every day between the three of them, and he doesn’t know how he loves them but he loves them; doesn’t know how he wants them but he wants them. 

-and years go by, fighting the Empire and learning to be a Jedi and loving both of them better and wanting in ways that stay frustratingly inchoate, until all three of them are caught in this weird dissatisfying triangle of love and friendship and loyalty that means they’re circling each other endlessly, waiting for whatever the missing piece is to click into place. 

-what I mean by this is: the Rebellion is FULL of jokes about poor baby Luke and his blindingly obvious crushes, and there’s a betting pool on whether it’s Han or Leia that will take pity on him first. 

-what I mean by this is: Leia gives Luke a lingering kiss to show Han what he’s missing, and no one’s exactly sure who they’re jealous of, no one’s exactly sure of what they want, or how they want it. 

-Leia feels weird about the kiss, even at the time. She decides she feels bad about giving Luke the wrong idea. (She wonders, though. Her connection with Luke is so strong, so clear and good and inevitable.) 

-Luke has to pretend to be Han’s boyfriend on a covert mission one time, and it is terrible and wonderful and he almost dies of embarrassment when Han kisses him for the op and he lets out this dumb involuntary little moan, and when the mission’s over Han goes all pink and weird and Luke’s full of misery and want and something almost, almost happens–but then Han takes off for a few months without explanation and Leia broods and yells and when Han comes back they pretend it never happened. 

-anyway. this is backstory. this is all in preparation for the party at the battle of Endor, for the utterly knowing look on Lando’s face as he watches Luke watch Han and Leia. 

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#this is such a good delightful important scene#it shows so beautifully how far they’ve come since yavin—leia’s there joking around in a briefing#while han has actually volunteered for the most dangerous mission they’ve got#(also leia stop staring at han’s mouth in the last gif you are so obvious it’s obscene#honestly that is the look of a woman who is thinking “I could probably push him down and fuck him here no one would notice”#“I mean they might /notice/ but like”#“…….do you think it would bother him if I called him ‘general solo”’#this right here is the reason that ben is conceived on endor because after four years or so han solo figured out#the way to leia organa’s heart was daring acts of reckless bravery in the name of her Cause#once han strutted out of the refresher wearing just his medals and struck a ridiculous pose—“eh? eh???”#leia is not proud to say that she had to genuinely think about it#…………look I love these crazy kids) (via notbecauseofvictories)