On Saturday, the Marin Humane Society took in a dog surrendered by its owner. They soon discovered the scared, shivering dog had recently had puppies — puppies who were much too young to be separated from mom.

After some convincing, the owner surrendered the puppies too. When mom and puppies were reunited, the adorable interaction was captured on video.

The great news: Momma dog Cora is back to being a happy, friendly dog and her puppies are in great health too. For more on this sweet family, check out our full story: (source)

tearing up over this

shes so happy, shes so happy, suddenly she realises that the humans are safe and friends and have brought her puppies back to her

protect all animals.

proof of dogs being too good for us










Hello! This lil cherry wants to go on an adventure, where should i send him?

He might like a camping trip!

What a great idea!

Unfortunately people dont make tiny tents for cherries, but at least the fire kept him warm!

where should cherry go next?

he could go to space & meet a tiny fruit alien :3

That sounds wonderful!

Look at him go!

Where should we send Cherry next?

Of course!

Where should cherry go next?

Sounds like fun!

the mermaids didnt seem to want to play but Cherry still had a good time seeing all those fish!

aww looks like the lil guy’s all tuckered out from his adventure today, thank you for helping him, he had a great time!

I’m so happy this post didn’t turn into something violent or gross. I love cherry ❤








today at work a man brought a pug in on a leash and that pug was so excited and happy to see me it was as if we were old friends who havent been in contact in 7 years i felt so loved in that moment

today a bassett hound came in and wagged her tail so furiously all of her loose skin started to jiggle and she was so pumped to see me i want more dogs to come into my store they make my life whole and worthwhile

I’m so glad this came back cause a golden retriever named Milly came in today who put her paws on my register counter and wanted to say hi to me and I loved her so much and I scratched her ears and she gave me that classic dopey dog smile 

yesterday a girl came in with her boyfriend and in her hand was a tiny tan colored dog that she told me was a chihuahua/pekingese mix and he had a severe underbite and one little canine tooth was poking out and his ears were like bent at the tips and i immediately commented on how amazing he was and she goes omg thanks do you wanna pet him and i was like there is literally nothing more i want to do while being on the clock right now than to pet this incredible tiny dog and he was so sweet and licked my hand and his name was spike 

yesterday these people came in and put a blanket into one of our shopping baskets and it started to move and i was like omg whats in there and they set it down on the counter and the blanket kept moving and the suspense was so good like is it gonna be a cat is it gonna be a ferret maybe a lizard and then the smallest chihuahua ive ever seen in my life popped her little head out and licked my finger and i died 

A baby german shepherd named Jonathan came in tonight and since i was on the sales floor and not behind a counter i say to the owner omg can i pet this angel and they were like yeah of course and i crouched down and Jonathan ran into my arms and almost tripped over his puppy feet it was 12/10

TODAY a german shepherd named london grabbed one of our lanterns off the shelf and was carrying it around and the owner was like, “london no, we’re not getting that” and gave him the merchandise she was buying instead and he carried it to me and dropped it on the counter at my register and i could have cried 







Reblogging because the rest of the world needs to learn to move their lighthouses.

Because they are blocking freedom.


#the ugliest laughter you have ever seen

canada is a trilingual country we speak english, french, and passive-aggressive

god, i love Canada

over 20 years and I’m still laughing

This is an old joke and is apparently not true. Though it’s not hard to believe it could be true.



Reblog if you are NOT celebrating April Fools’ Day on your blog.


This means no pranks of any sort, just standard blogging.



There’s probably more but these are the ones I can think of at the moment! Please be considerate and don’t play pranks at other people’s expenses!

Have fun everyone!

I’mma reblog this!!!

Seriously, please don’t do this stuff. In my case, screamers can really fuck with me. It might sound weird but the sudden emotional stress/anxiety/being worked up over it can send me into a seizure!

Which means, you know, I can end up getting really hurt.

So, honestly… be funny, be playful, but please don’t be malicious. 




I discovered a nice little coffee shop near my apartment, and instead of thinking “this is very convenient,” my first thought was my life’s coffee shop au is about to begin

Update: I was at the aforementioned coffee shop and this guy sat down next to me near the window. A pretty barista came over with his drink, and she said to him: “This isn’t right. You’re supposed to sit at the counter! You’re supposed to tell me stories!” And the guy laughed, and they both looked at the counter (where all the spots were taken) and he was like, “We could kick someone out.” And she was like, “I would do that! Which one?” And they joked around a bit more, and then she went back to the behind the counter, and as soon as someone vacated their spot he moved all his stuff over to the counter, and I realized, this is not my coffee shop au. I am in their coffee shop au. 

Be the best supporting character you can