Feuilly having a nice morning?:D (also I hope your trip goes really smoothly!)


Thank you i hope so too!!

It surprised Feuilly when he looked at his watch and realized that it was almost nine am already. He was not used to sleeping in or, indeed, to being wake up by the booming laughter of Bahorel rather than by his alarm clock and the radio. He opened his eyes, and startled when someone grabbed his arm and mumbled against him “not yet”

He glanced at his side. Courfeyrac, eyes still heavy with sleep, was nuzzling his shoulder. That’s when it hit Feuilly all over – he was in holidays. He was in Croatia, with his friends – there would be no work for the entire week, just a long list of museums and towns to visit, people to talk to, places to be amazed at.

He grinned and rose, ignoring Courfeyrac’s moan.

“Get up,” he said. “I’m sure everybody else will be waiting for us.”

“Liar,” muttered Courfeyrac, though he seemed less to reluctant to get up faced with Feuilly’s sudden enthusiasm. “You know Joly and Bossuet just like I do. They’ll sleep in.”

“But imagine the surprise of everybody if you come outside with me, so early,” Feuilly pointed out, and got out of the bed quickly, raising an eyebrow at Courfeyrac, who snorted. “Fine,” he said. “Go ahead, i’ll be right behind you.”

Feuilly was pretty sure Courfeyrac wouldn’t, but now that reality had settled in once more, he couldn’t wait. He got out of the little room they shared, and moved to where all the chatting seemed to come from, the terrasse. Outside, it was warm, and sunny, though there was just enough fresh air not to be uncomfortable. Enjolras, Bahorel, Jehan and Combeferre were all up. Grantaire was technically there too, though he seemed to be finishing his night against Jehan’s shoulder.

“Feuilly,” said Enjolras immediately. “Good morning. Did you sleep well?”

“Very,” said Feuilly. “Courfeyrac said he’d joined us soon. Are we waiting for everybody to be up to chose what we’re doing today? There’s the museum we saw when we arrived last night -”

“We have the maps and plans out,” said Combeferre.

“But first, breakfast,” said Bahorel firmly. “Sit down. Your enthusiasm will not be enough to sustain you. You need coffee and some pastries. Most important meal of the day, don’t forget”

“Yes mom,” said Feuilly fond and happy, and sat next to Enjolras, who took a sip of his coffee, and subtly offered him a guide book under the table as soon as Bahorel went back to discussing with Jehan.


is there anything you CAN’T do? I sincerely mean that, because it seems to me like your skill/talent arsenal is just kind of endless, and I’m just wondering how you manage that on top of being such a kind, interesting, passionate person :)



OMG, nonny!  *^_^*  I honestly don’t know what to say.  ^_^  Thank you so much! 

(OMG, I’ve dithered over this response for like 20 minutes because I really DON’T know what to say.  O_o;;;  I’m actually kind of baffled that people see me this way.  -.-;;;  I never feel like I’m particularly talented or anything?  I just try my hand at things that seem fun and if they are, I keep doing them until I get better?  (I also have trouble believing that people find me interesting, but that’s a lifetime of low self esteem at play, so I’ll try to take your word for that, too? OTZ)) 

But yeah, I guess basically I just wanted to say THANK YOU because that was such an unbelievably kind thing of you to say and I’m going to be squeaking over it for the rest of the day because I’M NOT WORTHY, but you are awesome, nonny.  So, thank you, again!  ^___________^


(Also, OMG, there’s PLENTY I can’t do, so don’t feel bad on that score!  ;D)

Your sketches the other night reminded me how much I love courferre! 1. any fic recs? 2. do you have any feelings about courferre on a ghost walk?


I inspire courferre fever everywhere I go. 😉

Here are some fics I’ve read (relatively) recently which I recommend:

Make Believe (He’s Here) by Raeldaza – Les Amis is an organization of supernatural hunters, and Combeferre and Courfeyrac partner up to take down a succubus which takes the shape of the object of your desire to lure you into her trap. (One of my favorite courferre fics, and it’s over 10k!! A rare, beautiful thing for the pairing.)

Seven Thursdays, And Counting by AkumaStrife – Courfeyrac’s go-to coffee shop closes down, so he has to start going to a new one; there’s a really hot regular there, though, so it can’t be all bad. (SO CUTE and the characterizations are spot on. A present to me from the author, who is super lovely and talented and will be famous one day, mark my words.)

Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again by eirenical – Courfeyrac is a famous actor, and Combeferre is a devoted fan; but in their childhood, they were also Internet friends. Now, united in the flesh, Combeferre craves so much more. (Steamy and adorable, read it!!)

A Blind, Lucky Disaster by Raeldaza – Enjolras takes it upon himself to set his two friends up on a blind date. Unfortunately, it’s the worst first date in the history of dating. (Loaded with second-hand embarrassment oh my goodd, but it’s so cute!! Another present to me from the author, because I’m super lucky and people are amazing??)

Even Brighter Than Usual by theglitterati – Courfeyrac poses shirtless for Grantaire’s art one day in the Musain, and Combeferre is definitely affected by it more than he should be. (I mean… shirtless Courfeyrac. Flustered Combeferre. Need I say more?)

In addition to these, check out my previous list of recommendations, because I still strongly stand by them!

As for the ghost walk…. please elaborate, dear anon.

-Monika xx

AW.  Thanks for the rec, @infinite-mirrors!  ^_^