2, 3, and 4, for Waking Dream? ^_^


2) What scene did you first put down?

Sienca.  I started right at the beginning to figure out HOW, and then let everything spiral from that point.  🙂

What’s your favorite line of narration? 

uhmmmmhummm.  Not sure I have a favorite, but this one is nice:

trailed him all the way back to their quarters, and it had nothing to do with
the young man suddenly remembering proper protocol.  If it weren’t for Jedi training, Qui-Gon
suspected that Obi-Wan would have been gaping outright.  

Every time
Qui-Gon glanced back to check on his Padawan, the boy’s eyes were darting around,
taking in all aspects of Temple architecture and life.  Qui-Gon had the distinct impression that
Obi-Wan was trying valiantly not to stare at each passing member of the Order.

reached their quarters without incident, a fact that left Qui-Gon releasing a
quiet sigh of relief.  He wasn’t certain
that Obi-Wan would be able to handle curiosity from friends right now.  Hell, Qui-Gon didn’t think that he was up to
questions yet, either.

inside, Obi-Wan stopped dead in his tracks.
Then, before Qui-Gon could say a word, he proceeded to touch everything.

watched, realizing he was witnessing an intense act of re-familiarization.  There was nothing in the common room that was
not investigated, by quick touch or by being picked up and explored with nimble

Those marvelous shields Obi-Wan now possessed let
nothing slip, but Qui-Gon could read body language when no other options
existed.  His Padawan was deeply upset, disturbed
by everything surrounding him, and shaken by his meeting with the Council.

4)  “Panic is for when the crisis has passed.”

Nice!  And that’s one of my favorite bits of narration, too, actually!  I usually end up re-reading that bit once or twice every time I get to it.  ^_^


I just finished reading Re-Entry and honestly it’s amazing. It’s probably the best Star Wars story I’ve read and you’re an amazing writer. Do you have any idea when then next part will be up?


No idea yet–April has been a weird fuckin’ month guys–but I thought I’d toss up a snippet to prove that yes, there IS a next RE chapter coming down the pile:

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Ewan McGregor.

@deadcatwithaflamethrower Venge in our time and place

You guys do realize that the only difference currently is the cut of the leather jacket, right?  😀


booksaresacredspew submitted:
You said in answer to someone else’s question that this is only the second part, and there will be a third. I want you to know that I am absolutely terrified of what is coming after this, but I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

You are amazing, never forget that.

Thank you  ❤

(And yeah, only the second arc of Re-Entry so far. There are…probably at least two more. Maybe three. This story basically is out of control and nobody cares, least of all me. *g* )

…I let out such a shriek of delight when I realized what this meant.  Then I *chinhands*ed really hard and kicked my feet a bit.  ^_______________^