Behind the scenes of Star Wars – Episode II: Attack of the Clones (2002)



“The Darth Vader scenes were the last day of filming — we saved the best for last. Everyone from the crew and the production office came out to bear witness and see Vader again. As I walked past people I knew and was friends with, I watched their reactions. It was phenomenal: There was awe and excitement in their eyes, but there was also a certain level of respect that needed to be paid, and a tinge of fear. As I walked by, they would gasp, and then they would lower their heads and take a couple of steps back-as you would if Vader was passing.”



Behind the scenes of Star Wars Episodes l, ll, and lll

I completely forgot about Hayden falling so much during episode II. Poor thing, going through a growth spurt while filming a major motion picture.


#i can’t believe ppl think hayden is a bad actor #like there is more emotion in his left eyelash than half of all actors show (via @chancellornaberrie)