THEY REALLY ARE. XD With their little hedgehog faces and their little hedgehog feet and their roly-poly bodies and IT SHOULD BE UNFAIR FOR ANYONE TO BE THAT CUTE. …but they’re so cute, I don’t even mind. ;D ^_______^




But you know what?  TWO CAN PLAY AT THAT GAME.  ^___________^




Please consider this for a moment. Hedgehog enthusiast Courfeyrac. He has loved hedgehogs since he was a kid, so when he finally gets one as a pet he is on cloud nine. He knows so much about hedgehogs and how to take care of them and probably picks a name like Glitter or Mr. Prickles. Sometimes when he’s bored he makes cute little hedgehog doodles (once he covered his Starbucks cup with them). His instagram (and every other social media account) is filled with pictures of his pet (his favourite is Ferre and him and Mr. Prickles on Ferre’s head). For his birthday Grantaire made him a painting of the hedgehog as a little hedgehog sailor (with the special hat and clothes) and Courf loved it, so it now hangs on the kitchen wall.
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