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Clearly a magician lives here.



The astro-fashion-loving Internet collectively gasped when ESA’s Hubble twitter account posted three gorgeous gowns, by Czech designer Jirina Tauchmanova with only credit “Photo: Vasek”, which google thinks is a Canadian tennis player. For four long days I couldn’t find anymore images, until, today! Which is why I’m sharing a belated #FashionFriday and #StarrySunday combo.

These gown were shown at Serbia Fashion Week back in December 2015 as Jirina Tauchmanova‘s Spring/Summer 2016 collection – I hope that means they will be available for purchase soon!

I think I recognize at least two of the images, NGC 602 & 30 Doradus, but I’m going to have to see these in person to be sure, yes, definitely, and probably try them on, too.





Rey and Luke Skywalker- Radioactive

Finished that video I was talking about earlier. Hope you like it 🙂


SO this vid is basically // PARALLELS!!!!!!! // and it does it really well. I think the best bit was the one where you got to see Rey and Luke getting in touch with the force, their faces do the same sorts of things.