Look at me. Look me in the eye. On November the 8th, 2016, one of two things will happen: Hillary Clinton will become president, or Donald Trump will become president. These are the only two possibilities. The superdelegates aren’t going to switch. An indictment isn’t coming. There is no third possibility. There is no space between the spaces where you can hide. Every vote for Donald Trump requires two Hilary Clinton votes to overcome. A Hillary Clinton vote can only be overcome by two Donald Trump votes. If you stay home, a Donald Trump vote doubles its power. This is the real, actual reality of the situation. There is not one other option.

And there’s no ctrl-alt-del for the election. Read up on 2000 if you doubt this.

Go fucking vote. Also see: How Canada ended up with Harper for Nine Years and No Scientists.




Can we stop pretending this is okay?

19 yr old Boy: I’m scared of having children can I get a vasectomy?
Society: Yeah! Its so easy to get one too!

19 yr old Girl: I legitimately suffer from bad mental health issues that could kill me if i was ever forced to bear a child because I’d have to go off my medication for 9 months, I have a physical disability that I do not want to pass on, and I have bleeding disorders that often put my life in jeopardy. Can I get a hysterectomy?

I’m seriously fucking sick of seeing this attitude, and especially from other women too. Even on support forums for women who want or have had hysterectomies, they scold young women and feed them the fucking disgusting “You’ll change your mind, you must accept your duty as a walking incubator” bullshit. I’m tired of being quiet about this shit, I’m honestly fucking furious about this and I want it to be addressed by our society NOW.

As some of our own followers have shared, this isnt just something prevalent in random citizens. Actual doctors will refuse to do these types of procedures on adult women/those able to bear children for these same reasons.

‘She Loves Me’ to Be Streamed Live, a Broadway First


I’m really intrigued by this! Though note that it’s a show that has already set its closing date, and hasn’t been selling spectacularly well, so it has nothing to lose… so that makes me skeptical that this marks the beginning of a real trend. Or maybe it’ll become a trend for shows about to close? 

‘She Loves Me’ to Be Streamed Live, a Broadway First





Watch: Warren’s got a great response for Trump’s desire to win over Bernie Sanders supporters.

She’s seriously an angel.

I love Elizabeth Warren.

She is a beast and I adore her. Also, what she’s saying and the WAY she says it throughout this interview is so important to listen to. The arguments on the Democratic side are about how best to make progress, the most assured way forward. The goals are the same and the distinction between methods is a matter of degrees.

And, of course, the key point that each Democratic candidate, even on their worst day, is 10000% better than the alternative.

America loves women like Hillary Clinton–as long as they’re not asking for a promotion



Me! On why we hate The Devil-Woman Hillary when she’s on the campaign trail, then turn around and laud Bad-Ass Cool Hillary when she gets the job – and what it says about how we view women with ambition and confidence in the world. (Hint: NOT GREAT THINGS.)

I’m gonna just drop in the expanded version of the quote above:

“Campaigning is not succeeding. It’s asking for success, and for power. To campaign is to publicly claim that you are better than the others (usually white men) who want the same job, and that a whole lot of people should work to place you in a more powerful position. In other words, campaigning is a transgressive act for women.”

America loves women like Hillary Clinton–as long as they’re not asking for a promotion

Susan Pevensie







Susan Pevensie goes up to the counter, but the barista won’t let her order any coffee because she is wearing lipstick.

oh my god

Actually, it’s more like Susan Pevensie won’t go up to the counter because she’s stopped believing coffee is good or wanting anything to do with it, despite all the efforts of her family and friends to remind her coffee is delicious. Besides, the cup would smear her lipstick, and she’s on her way to a party.

Strangely enough, however, people keep insisting that the only reason Susan doesn’t have coffee is because the barista is mean and judgmental and her family and friends don’t love her enough. Apparently it’s their job to hold her down and pour hot coffee down her throat? Or something?

hmm, it has been a long while since I read The Chronicles of Narnia, but I always thought the way “people keep insisting that the only reason Susan doesn’t have coffee is because the barista is mean and judgmental and her family and friends don’t love her enough” is not really about what people think the characters in the book should have done but about how C. S. Lewis chose to treat Susan. 

It could have been any character who stopped believing in Narnia, but he chose to make it Susan and he chose to make it because she preferred traditionally feminine things and he chose to have her siblings resent her for this. And a lot of people have had an emotional reaction to that, so there have been a lot of posts about how this can be seen as misogynistic and upsetting. It’s certainly what I remember most from the last book. If I reread it then I certainly may come to a different interpretation, or find other details that make it seem less so, but I think the thing people are fixated on is that the way Susan was cut out was done in a way that it overshadows whatever other reasons there may have been. 

Add this to the fact that I believe the new version of Narnia was supposed to represent heaven or something? and it kinda looks like Susan was kept out of heaven bc she… liked makeup. or whatever.

but then again, i haven’t read it in a while and don’t plan to.

So I went and found the passage where they talk about Susan not getting to come back to Narnia in the end and I’m so mad. “No longer a friend of Narnia” when Narnia turned its back on her twice, made her a queen and an adult and a heroine and then sent her home to be a child again because that’s “just the way things had to be”. She ruled as High Queen of Narnia, with all the diplomacy and bureaucracy and management that entails and if Jill thinks that she went home and only cared about fashion and parties than she clearly doesn’t know what she’s talking about. 

Or she was enjoying the childhood she didn’t get to have because an all-powerful lion decided to place the responsibility of a country on the shoulders of children. She spent her formative years up until her first adulthood, plus some of that adulthood, under all the stresses of leadership and duty. Maybe she wanted to enjoy it this time around. 

“Wasted all her school time wanting to be the age she is now” Are you kidding me? What adult wants to be shoved back into childhood, with no choice in the matter, and have to go back to listening to their parents and doing schoolwork (that is either pointless or that they already know) and having very little independence? She used to be able to ride from the mountains to the sea if she wanted to and now she has to ask permission to visit the next town over. Of course she wanted to be an adult again. And what the hell was she wasting, when she spent her school time wanting to be an adult? School was wasting Susan’s time, not the other way around.

“Silliest time of one’s life”? And I suppose, Polly, that you were silly at that age? Tell me, is it Susan you disapprove of, or do you just have some self-loathing going on of who you were at that age? Was Susan silly at that age when she ruled Narnia? Were the “parties” at Cair Paravel silly? Why do you think that she couldn’t do something just as worthwhile at a party in England as she could at a ball in Narnia and why don’t you understand how socializing plays into political maneuvering? 

@ink-splotch  put it really well  in her series, Once a King or Queen of Narnia, Always a King or Queen of Narnia. Also, Jill and Polly need to work on their internalized misogyny and I forgot how horrifically racist the last book is. 

Susan, too vain and frivolous for Narnia. How dare you. 

Can Laura Glue and the Grail Child (whose name is escaping me) punch Jack in the face?


courferre au where they’re both massively in love with each other but never say anything. and courf sleeps around a bit and never has many serious relationships, because he’s trying to distract himself but at the same time he doesn’t think it’s fair to date someone properly when he’s so in love with ferre.

and ferre never really dates anyone because he can’t think about anyone else. and he doesn’t say anything to courf because courf doesn’t seem interested in having a serious relationship, and he wouldn’t want to put that sort of pressure on him. and courf assumes that, because ferre never seems interested in dating anyone, he wouldn’t want to date courfeyrac, and he doesn’t want to make things uncomfortable. 

and it’s a mess, and they’re both so in love, but so convinced that the other doesn’t want the same thing that they don’t say anything. 



So here’s the thing that literally never occurred to me until just recently, because it’s kind of a throwaway line.

In A New Hope, right around the time that Vader’s told that there was an empty escape pod launched from the Tantive IV, he instructs one of his underlings to “send a distress signal, then inform the Senate that all aboard were killed.” Very shortly thereafter, the Emperor dissolved the Imperial Senate and sends all of the delegates home.

Consider Bail Organa, who is one of the very few people in the galaxy who knows a) who Leia really is, b) that she has a twin brother, and I think c) where Luke is, which is Tatooine, which is where the Tantive IV was when it was destroyed.

And immediately on the heels of being informed that his daughter was killed (which is devastating enough, even without her being a Skywalker and one of the last hopes of the galaxy), the Imperial Senate was disbanded.

The timing is complete coincidence on the part of the Empire, because they actually have no idea about any of this.  But Bail Organa has to be drawing the worst possible conclusions.  

I bet you anything that when the Death Star appeared in Alderaan’s sky, the only thought in Bail Organa’s mind was “That’s it.  We’ve lost.  The Empire found the last two hopes of the galaxy, and killed them both, and now there’s nothing, not even the illusion of the Senate, to stop them.”

And then he died.

First of all I was using that heart, and second of all how dare you, you broke it.