les mis gothic (amis edition)


  • the friends of
    the abc meet every week in the back room of the musain. sometimes you
    invite friends to the meetings. they never pass the initiation, and
    you never see them again. your chairs are made from bones.
  • enjolras is
    beautiful like a marble statue and an angel, and you cannot take your
    eyes off him. you cannot stop listening to the words that fall from
    his lips. you want to be close enough to touch him. you cannot stop
    looking, and your vision blurs into nothing. you cannot stop
    listening, and his voice joins together to form endless ringing. your
    hands blister when you go to touch him. you are not the first.
  • bahorel says he
    is not training to be a lawyer, but blondeau always calls out his
    name, and he is never crossed off. you try to ask him where he has
    been, but he dismisses you. nobody else knows where he goes. you try
    to follow him one day, but you find suddenly you are trailing
  • bossuet goes by
    many names. every time you memorize one, others switch to calling him
    by a new pseudonym. one night, a young man leans over and whispers
    his real name in your ear. they find him in the seine the next
    evening. you guard the secret closely. nobody else must ever know. he
    is too powerful.
  • the others tell
    you that feuilly is a fan maker, and that they respect him as a
    worker. they tell you he creates pieces of savage and terrible
    beauty. you catch his eye across the back room. his hands are always
    smeared with paint. the paint is always red. you hope it is just
  • “i’m ill’, says
    joly, and you nod in understanding. joly always thinks he is ill. his
    hair falls out. his mouth pours blood when he speaks. he drags his
    feet and his body rots before your eyes. joly always thinks he is
  • jehan prouvaire
    plays his flute, and you stop to listen for a moment. the music is
    ethereally beautiful. it permeates your soul. you go home, and you
    sleep for three days straight. when you wake up, you can still hear
  • courfeyrac
    romances anything that moves. he moves on from the women and onto the
    men and then, slowly but surely, into the eldritch horrors that
    follow us all.
  • grantaire follows
    enjolras like a shadow, reeking of drink and burnt out candles.
    everyone interacts with grantaire except enjolras, who never seems to
    notice. even you have been drawn into one of grantaire’s long-winded
    speeches, full of classical allusions. enjolras asks you who you are
    speaking to, and you realize he has never seen him. grantaire puts a
    finger to his lips.
  • you see combeferre
    reading books on geology, and later on you hear that he has broken
    open a pebble to inspect it more thoroughly and personally. you see
    him reading a book on human biology one night. he looks up and meets
    your eyes. you are suddenly afraid.