Honest Trailers – Deadpool (Feat. Deadpool)

I will never get over the fact that they actually said a pansexual hitman with a heart of gold

I’m taking it as canon now that Wade really has Logan’s number in his phone as Jean Valjean.



The actor made his talk show debut and told Ellen about the Welsh village where he grew up. It’s a mouthful!

I have to reblog this for two reasons, one because video…

…and two because every time i see this post it’s “this young man” and “this person who made their talk show debut on Ellen” and I keep thinking… is it possible that no one know that this is Taron Egerton?  He was all over tumblr when Kingsman was out and that wasn’t that long ago.  O_o;;;  Or are people just assuming that everyone knows who he is?