Childhood friends ❤

Obi-Wan & Bant + Qui-Gon & Tahl

Bant was one of my fav charas in the Jedi Apprentice series but there’s so little art of her…understandable, drawing Mon Calamari is HARD. >.>;

I know Tahl looks quite different from her comic depiction, but this is kind of how I imagined her. I had a chat with @deadcatwithaflamethrower a while ago and we agreed that we both disliked her comic hair and outfit. I have no clue if this is how she imagines Tahl, but this is my take on (Padawan) Tahl ^ ^

(also Qui-Gon’s hair is long + in a hamster tail b/c I personally interpret the Padawan cut as encouraged but not mandatory. And well, if anyone were to ignore suggestions, it’d be Qui-Gon…)