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I’ve had the great pleasure of working with Norm Lewis a few times and he is a quality human being. He’s an incredibly gracious man and an absolute delight.


So, I’ve been feeling a bit negative today and that never helps, so I’m going to focus on a positive thing for a moment before I launch back into grading.

[cut for shippy babbling]

I just watched ep. 6 of Supergirl and it’s official – I ship Kara and Kat like WHOA.  It started creeping up on me sometime around episode 4 and I was almost ready to declare after ep. 5, but it’s definitely official now after this latest episode.  Their scenes together are some of my absolute favorite scenes in the show.  And they have such a glorious slow burn set-up going on here and I LOVE IT.  *_*

So, normally I’m not much of a mentor/student shipper.  And I think that’s why I didn’t ship them right from the get-go, because they definitely had a bit of that vibe going on.  But in more recent episodes, Kat seems to be looking out for Kara, imparting wisdom to her in a way that’s eventually going to build her up to be an equal.  And THAT’S the point where I can see shipping happening between them – when Kara DOES reach the point of being Kat’s equal.

Because here’s the thing… Kara doesn’t have anyone who sees her that way.  As an equal.  Her sister loves her, but Alex is her big sister.  She’s protective of her.  And speaking as a big sister, you never really lose that protective vibe – even if your little sister attains your level and speeds past you.  James… oi.  That’s one complicated mess right there, but I think Jimmy has a bit of “big brother” complex going on with Kara, too.  And when he doesn’t have the brother thing going on, it’s a bit of a hero complex instead, which is just as bad.  Then there’s Winn.  Winn… Winn has the hero complex thing going on, too, and more than a healthy helping on unrequited crush.  He needs someone to do for him what Kat is doing for Kara.  And until he grows up, he’ll never be her equal, either.

So you have, on the one hand, people who can barely even see the person who is Kara past the shine that Supergirl throws, and on the other hand, you have people who are so determined to protect Kara that they won’t let her fully grow up and be the hero she wants to be.

And then there’s Kat.

There’s Kat who in some ways, knows Kara better than Kara knows herself.  She knows her well enough to see her weaknesses.  And in this amazing example of women supporting women, instead of using those weaknesses to squash her down, SHE TEACHES KARA WHAT SHE NEEDS TO KNOW TO OVERCOME THOSE WEAKNESSES AND BECOME STRONGER.  And that is FASCINATING to me because, in a backhanded kind of way, she does the same thing for Supergirl.  And there is some serious respect building up there between Kara and Kat – from both sides. 

I mean, Kat stood up TO HER MOTHER… and not for herself.  For Kara.  And for just a moment there, she let Kara see behind the mask.  I mean… no one says “She is excellent at her job” in that tone and with that look in her eyes and then expects anyone to buy that tossed off: “Oh, I just said it for effect.”  SURE you did.  Pfft.

Anyway, the point is that Kat SEES Kara.  And she recognizes a kindred spirit of sorts in her – a strong woman trying to stand up for herself in the shadow of the men who’ve come before her – and she wants to help her along in whatever way she can.  And I personally think that she’s going to figure out that Kara is Supergirl eventually.  It’ll happen gradually and she’s going to keep it to herself.  And eventually, Kara is going to learn to stand on her own two feet and start handing out advice right back to Kat when she needs it – because she already does, in her own small ways.  And when they reach that point of equilibrium?  THAT will be a true partnership of equals.