1, for Mute?

I GET TO BABBLE ABOUT MUET???  😀  YESSSSSSSS.  I’M SO GLAD YOU ASKED THIS QUESTION FOR THIS STORY, BECAUSE I ACTUALLY HAVE AN ANSWER FOR IT.  *_*  (Seriously, I actually have given this a lot of thought, off and on, over writing this story.  ^_^)

(If anyone else would like to send me questions, here they are! ^_^)

(And if anyone would like to read the story, I’ll link to the chapter one tumblr post, because all the warning are there and I AM NOT FUCKING AROUND, this story is not for everyone – those warning are there for a reason.  So.  Consider yourself warned.  ^_~)

1:What inspired you to write the fic this way?

OK, so since @takethewatch and I were just talking about fic archaeology earlier, to answer this question the first thing you need to know about this story is how it started.  And that question actually has two answers.  The first lies here@luchia13 and I had done this little writing exercise to kind of get each other writing again.  We had someone volunteer a trope, then we were going to write 1500 words each on that trope, swap, and finish each other’s stories.  Only we both fell enough in love with our own stories that we just kind of kept them.

The trope was fake boyfriends.


Anyway, the second answer to how this fic started was that I had had a really, REALLY fucked up fic dream a few weeks prior to that.  And it was basically about the dystopian society described in Muet… and what happens to Courfeyrac at the hands of Montparnasse.  And as is usually the case with dreams like that, I didn’t expect it EVER to see the light of day as an actual written fic.  But when we took off on this little writerly challenge… that fucking story just wouldn’t take a hint.  It wanted to get written and it was NOT letting me off the hook.  And since, for the first time in a long time, my writing wasn’t fighting me, I didn’t even question it.  I just said “fuck it” and let it happen.  Because when a fic is fighting that hard to get out of my brain and onto paper… it’s usually because some part of me really, really needs it to.

So, in short, this story came from a really, REALLY dark place in my psyche, a large part of which was prompted by too many people jumping on top of me and trying to get me to do things “for my own good” whether I wanted to or not.  And most often the answer was “not” but I’d feel obligated to do the thing anyway because they meant well and I loved them, right?  And that thinking was just shoving me ever deeper into this spiral of bad feelings and shame and guilt and just–  I needed to work that shit out somehow.  So I took it to an extreme and dumped it on Courfeyrac so I could work it out through him. And the story evolved from there.

And given the amount of worldbuilding that went into this story and how dark and dystopian it really was, the picture of it in my head was very film noir.  And that dark, foreboding, closed in feel is very present in my head whenever I think about the story and that seems to translate onto paper when I write for it.  ^_^

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