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I reeeeeaaaally wanted to draw something for Les Mis Rare Pairs Week – so here’s my favourite OT3: Valvertine ^_^

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A Joly for Barricade Day.

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those who barely missed becoming historic: jean ‘jehan’ prouvaire

Jean Prouvaire was in love; they cultivated a pot of flowers, played on the flute, made verses, loved the people, pitied woman, wept over the child, confounded God and the future in the same confidence, and blamed the Revolution for having caused the fall of a royal head. Their voice was ordinarily delicate, but suddenly grew manly. They were learned even to erudition, and almost an Orientalist. Above all, they were good.

Courferre AU in which Ferre writes children books and Courf is making the drawings and illustrations and they finally meet at a gala organized by the edition house and they all had imagined how the other would be based on their works and when they finally see each other it’s nothing like they could have imagined. It’s better.


Oh my gosh…!!!!!!!!!!!!

They probably had several phone calls over the time that they worked together, for work purposes, of course, but they were always very friendly and got along super well (and often times they would go off topic and start talking about Star Wars, but that’s not important).

And, well, they know they both share many common interests, they are near the same age, they’re both single,  they both have a passion for children, so of course there’s always the intruding thought of becoming more than colleagues… Nothing just comes out of it. 

Until the gala, then they are both super excited (and for some reason, super nervous?) to finally meet. And so when Courf gets introduced to the very attractive man he’s been noticing since he walked in, his jaw drops when he finds out that he is Combeferre.

Ferre is completely stunned when he sees that Courfeyrac is even more perfect in person and more attractive than he could’ve imagined.

Cue both of them being very flustered and ridiculous the whole night until the end when Courf is just like “Hey. It’s been a long night. Care to join me for a drink?” 

Combeferre immediately agrees.


You know that I really, really love those ‘oh no he’s hot’-moments?

So please imagine high school Courferre where Courf is spending the summer holidays away like at his Puerto Rican grandma and they’re texting the whole summer and at one point Ferre goes ‘you know, apparently I’m incredibly short-sighted and need glasses’ for which Courf is teasing him endlessly.  

And then the first day of school Courf’s just so happy and excited to see his best friends again and just runs around a corner and right into Ferre and he just… freezes because glasses, glasses that really bring out Ferre’s cheekbones and he also cut his hair and growth spurt and yep, those are skinny jeans and oh no, he’s hot?!

And Courf is still in the phase where he thinks brightly patterned Bermuda-shorts are cool and wears the fitting, terrible and too big back-to-school motto shirt and flip flops and Ferre’s whole mind suddenly goes blank because alright, he has glasses now, he can see things and Courf is like the most beautiful person he has ever seen?!

And they just stare at each other for like solid minute before Ferre just says the first thing that comes to his mind which happens to be, ‘You have freckles?’

(Cue to Enjolras in the background hitting his head against the closest locker)

some festive joly things to consider


  • joly buying souvenir christmas baubles everywhere he goes
  • joy having the biggest collection of cheesy christmas movies 
  • joly mixing practically deadly christmas drinks insisting that they’re great cures for colds
  • jbm taking ridiculous selfies in the snow (bossuet has fallen over like five times and has a black eye) (chetta is wearing the earmuffs joly bought her and she complained but she actually loves them and she looks adorable) 
  • feuilly always makes things for his friends’ presents and throughout winter joly is frequently seen covered in a mountain of hand knitted hats and scarfs and gloves to stay warm (and also because he loves them and feuilly always picks lovely colours) (he also wears nothing but the awful christmas jumpers jehan has bought him over the years) 
  • being determined to find ways to make his friends enjoy christmas even if they think it’s a capitalist mess or that it always ends up with the family getting drunk and arguing
  • joly and bossuet trying to untangle fairly lights
  • he has socks that play christmas songs