Notes on Boycotting Marvel/Disney


OK. Some people want to make the boycott larger. That’s not going to work. Here is why.

When a large company like Marvel or Disney sees a drop in revenue they’re going to want to know where and why. If you are indiscriminate in where you boycott they’ll see a drop of revenue across the board and not know what it is you are boycotting or why. If they specifically see a drop in revenue based on something very specific they’ll get the message. 

My opinion here is to just boycott the Captain America book or anything Nick Spencer writes. Make the missing revenue obvious. If you subscribe to a digital service that sends you the comic cancel that service. They’ll ask you why you are cancelling. Tell them that you are cancelling because of what Nick Spencer and Tom Brevoort did to Captain America and his legacy. 

My point here is that you can’t send a message if you are non-specific.