fun game! reblog this with the first tag that shows up when you tag each of les les amis’ names (or all les mis characters, if you want) that aren’t just their names or a pairing name. 

i’m gonna start (mine aren’t funny but I want to see yours)

november’s not over yet


with Apologies for What I Did, here is one last No Shame November fic.  @pilferingapples suggested Joly and/or Feuilly fluff, and @bootsssss put in a vote for sickfic, so I went with all of the above!

“I heard you were sick,”
Joly said when Feuilly opened the door.

Feuilly laughed hoarsely.  "Who
told you that?“

“Well, everyone, basically,”
Joly said.  He came inside, moving carefully so as not to upset the
stack of containers he was carrying.  "You’re lucky I was
working last night.  I thought I made it very clear that
everyone-even you and
Enjolras–was required to take proper care of themselves from now

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