je repost mon tweet ici car cet homme a sauvé mon lundi, bonne semaine les baguettes




I discovered a nice little coffee shop near my apartment, and instead of thinking “this is very convenient,” my first thought was my life’s coffee shop au is about to begin

Update: I was at the aforementioned coffee shop and this guy sat down next to me near the window. A pretty barista came over with his drink, and she said to him: “This isn’t right. You’re supposed to sit at the counter! You’re supposed to tell me stories!” And the guy laughed, and they both looked at the counter (where all the spots were taken) and he was like, “We could kick someone out.” And she was like, “I would do that! Which one?” And they joked around a bit more, and then she went back to the behind the counter, and as soon as someone vacated their spot he moved all his stuff over to the counter, and I realized, this is not my coffee shop au. I am in their coffee shop au. 

Be the best supporting character you can



   I just drove my uncle and myself to the hardware store, and he said to me “Molly, I want you to know that being Catholic doesn’t change anything. If you someday get married, your wife will be welcome in this family. Don’t ever think otherwise.”

  That is really nice, but I am not gay???





It’s really awful when people take advantage your inability to fully explain your thoughts due to difficulty translating thoughts into speech/words and use it to say they’re right because they can articulate their shitty view better.

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having a flesh vessel is so annoying?????? like they have to be constantly watered, they have to be in specific temperature range to be comfortable, i’ve had a headache for like seven hours and nothing i do will get rid of it,

physical forms are so inconvenient??????????????

I knocked mine over yesterday and scraped off some of the outer barrier and it keeps sending me really annoying warning messages about it

blood.dll has caused an access violation exception

I still can’t figure off how to turn off the monthly compile time. It goes for like 7 days wrecks all the system and takes so much CPU time. 

I got the wrong model, too, and there’s no returns or exchange policy. I’m trying to make do as best I can with aftermarket modifications, but even that’s a real bind. And then I have to deal with all the purists who try to tell me I should be happy with the model I was given.

Mine has a short in the warning and alert sensors, and keeps tripping the alarm system for absolutely no reason.  It’s been taken to the mechanic many times, but the best they can do is recommend daily chemical baths for the wiring to keep it from arc-faulting constantly.

My uterus keeps trying to install this shitty bloatware that comes with certain dll processes and I keep refusing the update, then it goes through the whole defrag process deleting all those files.

My histamine system is faulty and triggers for no reason. I keep turning it down but I have to keep reapplying the patches daily. 

On the plus side some of the case mods you can do are sick as hell.


the funniest thing to me about the whole “no one talks to each other because of smartphones/technology/etc” argument is that ppl totally still talk to each other?

i can hang out with friends for hours without checking my phone, or i’m using my phone to show the homies pictures and videos and articles that i think they’d like.

like hate to break it to you, but if someone’s on their phone instead of talking to you it’s cause they don’t wanna talk to you. probably cause you’re fucking terrible & likely use the word “millennialls” derisively and there’s someone 2 timezones away they’d rather chat with