*sigh*  Do you know what’s frustrating?  When you look through all of your favorite tags and realize that NOTHING in them is even vaguely appealing to you and that the few posts in them that aren’t blocked because of blacklisted things are posts you’ve already seen thanks to tumblr’s recommended posts thing.  *more sighing*  I don’t want to get out of this fandom.  I LIKE this fandom.  But I feel like my interests have drifted so far away from where most of the fandom is that I kind of don’t belong there anymore?  I mean… FFS, I don’t even like the things people are posting for my OTP.  -.-;;;  Maybe I’m just too picky.  Anyway.  Don’t mind me.  I’ll get over it.

ETA: And then you find one you REALLY LIKE and would like to reblog… just to find out you reblogged it already like TWO DAYS AGO.  *headdesk*





les amis de la cravate

#I like how it’s all carefully tied cravats #and then there’s Enjolras#even Grantaire managed to tie his cravat properly and I bet he wasn’t even sober#get your shit together Enjolras#how do you expect to take control of a revolution when you can’t even keep control of your own cravat

When a vampire washes itself, rain will fall from heaven. Thus, when a drought occurs, nobles send all their men to wash, because any of them may be a vampire.

From Agnes Murgoci’s 1927 paper The Vampire In Roumania, as found in The Vampire Casebook compiled by Alan Dundes

This is so amazing to picture. Like ok men, we know PROBABLY some of you are vampires. IT HAPPENS. This is old timey Romania. That’s how it works. So hey don’t worry, no questions asked, personal business is personal business, but if EVERYONE would just go take a shower we would really appreciate it. Thanks. 

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Paging @ceruleancynic and @needsmoreresearch; relevant to your interests?

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Damn right this is relevant to my interests.

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Doctors Are Now Saying That Menstrual Cramps Can Be as Painful as Having a Heart Attack




And in other news, water is wet

We told y’all asses.

Well thank heavens us ladies aren’t hysterical anymore!

Doctors Are Now Saying That Menstrual Cramps Can Be as Painful as Having a Heart Attack

I was going to sit down and do some writing today.  Then my mom called and got me all stressed out about a stupid thing because my response (that I didn’t know if I could do the thing she wanted me to do because I’d never done it before and have never given her any indication that it is a Thing I Do) stressed HER out and that’s clearly ALL MY FAULT because I Always Do That. 

And I opened the fic file anyway (it was FYFM chapter 19, BTW) and reread what I wrote last night and I’m sitting here thinking, “OMFG THAT IS SO OOC, WTF IS WRONG WITH ME, WHY DID I THINK THAT WAS OK TO WRITE?” and then I realized that it ISN’T OOC for how I’ve been writing these characters for the whole damned FIC, it’s just that THIS WAS AN E/R PART AND REQUITED E/R JUST READS AS SO OOC TO ME NOW AND HOW AM I EVER GOING TO FINISH THIS FIC IF I CAN’T GET MY HEAD AROUND E/R ANYMORE?


an indulgent canon era enj & taire sketch that approximately no one asked for

It’s that time again…


…another to-do list.  Because omg, the next two weeks are going to SUCK.  *whimper*

So… let’s deal with this weekend first, shall we?

  • Work Stuff
    • Section 001
      • Grade tests
      • Organizational MML stuff and emails
    • Section 002
      • Grade tests
      • Organizational MML stuff and emails
    • give extra credit to the classes i said i would for being on time
    • Print up lesson plan and attendance sheets for Monday.
  • School stuff
    • Stat
      • Figure out when next project is due and maybe get a start on that?
      • Fill out weekly survey
      • Do homework assignment
      • Do extra assignment for next week.
    • Qual
      • Write memo #9
      • Do NIH online thing
      • Write extra memo
      • Write memo #10
      • Do all the associated readings
  • Adulting stuff
    • change Gabriel’s litter
    • clean off my desk
    • find and mail my vet license renewal stuff
    • get my vision and dental insurance set up so I can get more contact lenses
    • mail back my broken moccasins so they can replace them
    • Send old handicapped placard back
    • Email AVMA guy again to see if he got the tax info you finally sent.
    • Take printer in to get fixed (THOUGH I’M SURE IT’S TOO LATE BY NOW, FUCK)
    • Go through old junk mail
    • Do laundry
    • Get pin and register for classes
    • get your oil changed and your car inspected
    • CRY MORE
  • Fun stuff
    • Decide
      whether or not you’re going to try to get to Les Mis this weekend
      before Arbender leaves or if you’re just going to cry about it from