If Anakin had stayed on the Light side


– Don’t imagine him crying in Obi Wan’s arms after coming so close to the Dark side 

– Don’t imagine him by Padme’s side as she gives birth and curses his name so loudly everyone back on Tatooine can hear her 

– Don’t imagine him holding Luke and Leia in his arms and knowing that he made the right choice and that nothing in the universe can compare to his children 

– Don’t imagine him finding out they’re Force sensitive and being scared they’ll turn out like him 

– Don’t imagine little Luke and Leia falling asleep against his chest 

– Don’t imagine Anakin braiding Leia’s hair 

– Don’t imagine Obi Wan spoiling Luke and Leia because they’re basically his children too 

– Don’t imagine him and Padme attempting to remodel the Jedi Order and Senate together 

– Don’t imagine Obi Wan teaching Luke and Leia how to use a lightsaber 

– Don’t imagine Anakin showing his children how to pod-race

– Don’t imagine Anakin looking at his family one day and knowing that he couldn’t have asked for more. 

– Don’t imagine that this is what Anakin sometimes thinks about when he’s in his mask, wondering what could’ve been


enjolras and feuilly just hanging out one day, and they pass a cake shop that is doing wedding cake tastings for engaged couples, and enj knows feuilly has a secret sweet tooth so he grabs him and dashes in like “yes my fiance and I need to do this”


they’ve been dating for awhile but not actually engaged so enjolras takes that opportunity to drop to one knee and be like “feuilly, think of the tax benefits” and then they eat. so much. cake. and they somehow sneak some out to save for later

ahhh my friend yes thank you

feuilly is MORTIFIED because ‘wait what?’ he did not expect Enjolras to do this? at all? but enjolras is grinning and Feuilly can never say no to cakes, especially the ones with funfetti sprinkled on top.

(also the tax benefits, of course. plus they already take care of a kitten together, isn’t that what married life is?)

and they hold hands the entire time. and the cakes are really really good. 

and in the middle this lady starts talking to them like ‘oh, you two look so happy together, you look like you’re glowing! I’m sure you’ll have a long and happy marriage, when is the date, if you don’t mind me asking?’

and feuilly kinda wants to admit enjolras looks like he’s glowing always, and feuilly just really really likes the cake actually he has sparkly sprinkles all over his hands and face that would be the glow.

it takes him a few hours to process what actually happened. and that he’s engaged? to enjolras?

(he cries a little when they get home. so they eat the leftover cake for dinner and talk about if they want an actual wedding and in the end it’s just a tiny thing, with their friends, not even formal dress or anything. but there’s definitely a cake from that store.)