apparently there’s a dude in Canada who has about 150 sled dogs, and every year in the fall, a group of about 7 polar bears come by and play with the dogs – like, literally, they play together and mock-fight and cuddle and just hang out – before the polar bears go up north when the bay freezes to hunt for seals. and they come back every year.

if that wouldn’t make an amazing animated movie I don’t know what would.



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I reeeeeaaaally wanted to draw something for Les Mis Rare Pairs Week – so here’s my favourite OT3: Valvertine ^_^

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Killian kicks off his Kinky Boots and heads for home

Killian Donnelly is getting ready for a change of footwear: he’s swapping his kinky boots for a pair of cowboy boots. […] McGuinness
saw him in Memphis — and then wrote Donegal with him in mind. Donnelly
joked that he had been offered the ‘Killian Donnelly part’.

More at the Daily Mail.



They think he’s a baby cow.