1) Put four pills on each side. The heavier side has the pill. Take the four pills from the heavier side.

2) Put two of the potential pills on each side of the scale. The heavier side has the poison pill.

3) Take the two potential pills. Swallow one. If you survive, you are holding the poison pill. If you die, you have eaten the poisoned pill. Either way you will find out which one it is for sure

1) Weigh 6 of them, 3 on each side

2a) If both sides are equal, weigh the 2 you didn’t use before.

2b) If one side was heavier, pick 2 of the 3 and weigh them. Heavier one is poisoned. If they’re even, it’s the 3rd.

Well, all I can say is that we all have our methods and some of us are more willing to take a risk in the name of science

And here we see natural selection at work.

1) eat them all
2) wait for death

The thing doesn’t say you have to eat any of them yourself.