Aww what a bright sunny Courfeyrac!  I like the highlights a lot, it’s like he’s shining right back on the flowers. 

hp sorting thing: valjean and javert?


Valjean is totally a Hufflepuff (also in my AU he’s a sort of groundkeeper/probably like – Care of Magical Creatures teacher? but he 100% graduated from Hufflepuff.

… and I’d put Javert… idk. Ravenclaw maybe? Or Slytherin? I’m not sure, ah.

OH GOSH.  VALJEAN IS SUCH A HAGRID-TYPE, YES.  *_*  I really like this.  ^_^  He’s just gentle and kind and all the kids come to him for advice and comforts and tea and to feel safe. (Because dude, he’s HUGE and STRONG, yet so gentle and so protective of all the little ones, why wouldn’t you feel safe, you know?  :D)  And it’s so so SO good for Feuilly to have him right on the grounds, because then he never has to truly leave his adopted family.

VE, I LIKE THIS A LOT.  ^__________^