Sometimes, Obi-wan just gets tired of Anakin’s whining


I just want Ahsoka on the ground pointing and laughing at the Sand-Dance oF GET IT OFF Anakin makes afterwards.

No but this is especially spectacular, because they spend most of their lives on ships and missions. Do you realize at some point Obi-Wan literally grabbed a handful of sand and carried it around for this moment?

Think about that. Think about how fed up he’d be, that he would specifically take time to get some sand, ok? Not every planet has sand. Coruscant sure as heck doesn’t, it’s a giant city! He just…

This implies Obi-Wan Kenobi, the Negotiator, went and dedicated time to gathering sand for this express purpose. I can’t even. This needs fic. I may have to fic this.

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Also, Anakin is taller and probably stronger than Obi-Wan, imagine how completely *done* Obi-Wan must have been to succesfully grab Anakin by his collar, yank down, and just shove hanful of mysteriously acquired sand.

I’d bet that Obi-Wan manages to pull this trick off more than once – Anakin would be convinced that he’s on guard but no, sneaky Obi-Wan would save it for days that his former Padawan is just stomping on his last nerve.

And also, Anakin would never find that stash of sand.


I have surely missed your drabble requests window, but know there is a standing request for more Bossuet& Courfeyrac over here always!


HA little did you know this flight is interminably long

“Would you ever marry?”

“Are you asking?” Courfeyrac asked. “I’m very flattered. But with no dowry, my parents would not permit me to even consider it.”

“I was speaking generally,” Lesgle replied. “But I am glad to know where I stand.”

“Oh. Well, in that case, I don’t know,” Courfeyrac replied. “It depends, doesn’t it. On– everything. Maybe someday it will seem possible to do good work through sitting in the assembly or something similar, and I’ll take back my particle and equip myself with a wife and try to make a good enough impression to get elected. Or maybe when I turn forty I’ll suddenly become my father, and then a wife will seem very desirable indeed.”

“Or I’ll come into a sudden fortune and you’ll marry me. Then Joly will duel you and kill you I’ll be a rich, happy widow.”

“Right, yes. Or that.”


“He has a strong impact,” she says. “He can still make me uncomfortable and comfortable faster than anyone I know or don’t know.” They also found time to relax. “Adorable is not a word you would associate with Harrison,” says Fisher, “but after a few beers, he’s the most adorable person in the world.” (x)