you see what people just don’t understand is that writing’s demanding it’s mentally challenging and it’s a bore it’s such a chore to sit in a room by yourself oh my god i just hate it and you’re trying to find an opening line or a brillinat idea and you’re pacing the floor and hoping for just a bit of divine intervention that one little nugget that one little spark then Eureka! you’re ready to start so now you can write right? wrong you’re not even close you remember that damnit your play’s gotta be in iambic pentameter so now you write down a word but it’s not the right word so you try a new word but you hate the new word and you need a good word but you can’t find the word where is it what is it what is it where is it 



there are so many subtle things in this scene with the context of gabe being what he is

dan saying “i’m holding on and i won’t let go” as he tries to explain to diana that he wants to help her and not lose her, and then later dan repeats “i’m holding on” and gabe sings “and i won’t let go”

gabe’s laugh when diana starts yelling at dan

gabe pretending to be gentle and good as he holds diana’s hand

gabe throughout the show always wearing the same color as the person he’s interacting with and in this scene it’s the same colors as dan, not diana

diana running to gabe’s arms, and gabe mocking dan for that

dan, a man who has spent years denying his own mental illness, saying to diana “tell me what to do” and the personification of mental illness answering “look at me”



And I spent my evenings pullin’ stars out of the sky
And I’d arrange them on the lawn where I would lie
And in the wind I’d taste the dreams of distant lives
And I would dress myself up in them through the night
While my folks would sleep in separate beds and wonder why