obi wan kenobi: *watches helplessly as his master is killed right before his eyes*
obi wan kenobi: *devotes his entire life to training his apprentice*
obi wan kenobi: *is betrayed by his apprentice*
obi wan kenobi: *has to fight and almost kill said apprentice*
obi wan kenobi: *is killed by his former apprentice thirty years later*
obi wan kenobi: *has the evil grandson of his former apprentice named after him*
obi wan kenobi: no really im fine, totally fine, everything is great



can we talk about how the Official Star Wars Spotify released this emo ass playlist

A lot of these are incredible.

Vader is all old-school metal.

Boba Fett is great too

Qui-gon is super into prog, which is great and totally makes sense since he looks like he’s in Rush.

Palpatine listens to dubstep, which explains absolutely everything.

And then Lando




does anyone else feel like they’re in this weird state of being on tumblr where you dont even know if youre genuinely enjoying the site anymore or if anyone here is actually paying attention to you as a person or just your presence in general and youre just floating in this odd in-between place, only coming on here solely out of habit???