Kalique scoping out her sort-of mother’s sort-of boyfriend.


my headcanon for this scene is Kalique took one look at Caine who battle-parkoured shirtless into her private residence to hold her at gunpoint, and then at Jupiter and the way they looked at eachother

and let them go with minimal fuss

and went to order a ticket to some ludicrously expensive vacation spot for herself

‘My Lady, what about your plans to usurp your traitor brothers and take over their fortunes?’ says Maladictes. 

‘Nevermind that,’ says Kalique. ‘You know, it’s been ages since I had a proper massage.’

One week later she’s hanging out by the pool sipping on a fancy cocktail when the news comes in that Balem is dead, Titus is in the slammer for attempted kidnapping and obstructing justice, and Jupiter and Caine are making out on a roof somewhere.

Kalique smiles to herself. She’s now the only living heir of the Abrasax line, still in Jupiter’s good graces, and all she had to do was step back and let everyone else do the work for her.