2016 Info and dates


Welcome to the second round
of Les Mis Big Bang and Baby Bang! Big Bangs are challenges that are all about
the collaboration between authors and artists, resulting in a long piece of
fanfiction with accompanying artwork. 

This year, your BB is being run entirely on tumblr and AO3. All updates will be posted here only or sent out via email if you have signed up. Also, this year your mod is @defractum​, so please don’t direct queries to previous mods!

How It Works

Writers sign up for
a Big Bang (15k+ words) or a Baby Bang (5k+). You get a few months to work on
the story; about halfway through, you need to submit a rough draft and summary.

summaries get posted up anonymously and artists will be able to claim a story
to create art for. Once authors and artists are matched up, they’ll receive
each other’s contact details so that the author can send their artist a copy of
their WIP and they can collaborate from there. 

and writer pairs will pick a date to post their work in the posting period. When
posting time comes, works will be hosted on AO3 in the LMBB2016 collection; art can be posted separately, or embedded into the fic. There will
be more information on posting nearer the time.

and artwork must not be posted anywhere
until your posting date.

Important Dates

28th Dec 2015: Sign ups open; writing period starts
24th Jan 2016: Writers sign ups close
24-31st Feb 2016: Writers check-in
27thMar 2016: Rough drafts and summaries due (at
least 50% complete)
29th Mar 2016: Summaries go live for artists to
1st Apr 2016: Artist claims open
7th Apr 2016: Artist claims round 2 open
21-28th Apr 2016: Writers and artist check-in
14th May 2016: Claims for posting dates open
28th May 2016: Posting starts!


Am I allowed to sign up as both an author and
an artist?

When do I start
soon as you’ve signed up!

What are the fic requirements?
Big Bangs have a 15,000 word minimum
requirement; Baby Bangs have a 5,000 word minimum requirement. All fics are
expected to have proper formatting with line breaks and spacing. Betas are not
compulsory, but are widely encouraged. If you need help finding one, we can

I have a WIP already. Can I finish that for the
big bang?
Unfortunately, no. We encourage you to write
new fics in the spirit of the challenge. However, if you already have a WIP
that is less than 25% of your finished work, was recently started and not
shared anywhere yet, we’ll let you use it. We will also accept sequels to
already-existing fics, provided that it can also be read as a standalone fic.

What kind of art is accepted?
We will accept any kind of art, including but
not limited to traditional drawings, digital drawings, fanmixes, fanvideos,
podfics, photo sets and gif sets. If you want to do something that isn’t listed
and you’re unsure whether it’s allowed, please don’t hesitate to ask!

What are the art requirements?
All that we ask is for you to put as much
effort into your artwork as your author has into their fic. For Big Bangs, for
example, this can mean a completed drawing, or a full podfic. For Baby Bangs,
this can mean line art, or a fanmix of at least 8 songs and cover art.

What pairings/themes are allowed?
We will accept anything and everything. If you
are creating a work that features graphic depictions of violence, major
character death, rape/non-con or underage sexual context, we ask that you use
appropriate warnings when posting. If you work contains a theme that isn’t
listed and you are unsure whether it needs a warning, please ask.

Is RPF allowed?
No, as this challenge will only focus on the
characters themselves.

Are crossovers or fusions allowed?
Absolutely! We only ask that the work focuses
mainly on the Les Mis characters.

What is a check in?
It’s just an
informal way of seeing how you’re doing! You don’t need to submit anything, but
it’ll be a period of sharing struggles and triumphs with other writers, sharing
snippets or asking for help.

What if I’m busy or don’t have internet access
during a check-in?
If you know that you’re unable to make a
check-in, then you can send us an email at lesmismods@gmail.com before the
scheduled check-in period to let us know how you’re doing.

If you have any questions, send me an ask!