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OK, guys, this is kind of true, but also really misleading.  Here’s what Snopes has to say about it: Snopes article.

The upshot: These are laws and practices that are ALREADY IN PLACE and have been for years.  New York State does not allow passive electioneering, which is what “wearing Bernie gear to the polls” falls under.  And they aren’t cutting polling hours.  It’s just that some counties (it seems like they’re mostly in upstate and western NY?) have shorter polling hours for primaries than they do for general elections.


“There were grains of truth to the rumors circulating among voters ahead
of New York’s primaries. Voters were not allowed to engage in “passive
electioneering” via shirts, hats, or buttons within 100 feet of a
polling place on election Day. However, no one would lose the right to
vote, and the law was typically described as “rarely enforced.” A voter
might be asked to turn their shirt inside out or leave a hat in the car,
but would not be denied at the voting booth. Also, it was false that
any counties had primary hours cut; the law dictating a shorter voting
window throughout the state of New York was in effect before 1982, and
had nothing to do with the 2016 primaries.“

Of course, if someone at a polling place chooses to be an asshole, they can be an asshole, but that’s a whole other story.