Actually, the more I think about it the more I think the @sortinghatchats system is a better model for sorting the amis than the single-house system. This is interesting; I don’t feel this way about all domains; I have friends who are more neatly modelled by single houses, for example, and I’m way more convinced of my basic Ravenclawness than of my Primary/Secondary assignment. However, it not only sorts the amis well, it also accounts for some of the perennial sources of confusion eg:

  1. How to account for their differences despite the fact that organising an armed rebellion is a pretty damned Gryffindor thing to do (although one of the things I personally like is the implication that you don’t have to be a Gryffindor to do this, but hey)
  2. What the fuck is up with Grantaire

Sortings under a cut because it got a bit long. I am always up for debate on these points! Few things are more soothing than a long conversation about how to map fictional characters to a fictional system. 

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As always, I Don’t Even Go Here, but I really love these descriptions of the characters! Especially Bossuet and Marius. 

But wouldn’t Eponine be some sort of burned House, given that canonically she’s had to change her basic nature (the dove into the osprey)?