I know we’ve all seen the Visual Dictionary and Poe’s tousled hair,

but may I draw your attention to

because a) I want that story, but

b) I propose for you: dreadfully superstitious Poe Dameron.

– has to go through his system checks in the same order each time

– wears the same socks for every mission

– the commissary knows to make sure to have his special meal ready before all his flights

– they’re also used to him barging in last minute before surprise missions

– and really, he should have known the mission to jakku would go to hell. in an old x wing and not black one, out of routine and without time to make a new one. bb-8 tried his best but it’s not the same

– then poe comes back from the dead, and everyone, so used to tiptoeing around him, to making sure everything is right as he needs it, doesn’t know what to do with this man who returned, haunted eyes and dark shadows, just shrugging when someone sees him taking a different route to the hangar, pushing around his food and not eating a bite

– because why do you need superstition when you’ve had the devil inside your head, looked death in the face, and they tell you you survived but you know you’re still in hell