It’s not Jar Jar, it’s you: In defense of the prequels

OMG, thank you for bringing this article to my attention.  I feel like I’ve been defending the prequels to deaf ears for years.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I love the OT.  I grew up on the OT.  They are comfort movies to the Nth degree… but the prequels were the Star Wars of my early 20s and I got SO attached to them, flaws and all, and honestly never understood why they got so much crap for things that the originals got a pass on.  Do they have their flaws?  Of course, they do.  But so do the originals, and it really bothers me when people pretend that’s not so.

“The uncomfortable truth is that just about everything bad in the
prequels was also bad in the originals. Hayden Christensen is no worse
than Mark Hamill, with his whining about Tosche Station and power
converters. Jar Jar Binks is no more annoying than C-3PO, who tagged
along after R2-D2 like an unwanted dance chaperone. “It’s coarse and
rough and irritating—and it gets everywhere,” was terrible dialogue. And
don’t forget Yoda in The Empire Strikes Back: “How you get so big eating food of this kind?”

one crucial difference between the prequels and their predecessors: the
age at which many moviegoers experienced them. To become apoplectic
over the prequels while still adoring the originals has always struck me
as a strange sort of dissonance. Call it nostalgia gone sour,
petulantly whining, “You ruined my childhood!” when in actuality the Star Wars prequels’ remarkably preserved it—warts and all.”

There it is.  THANK YOU.

It’s not Jar Jar, it’s you: In defense of the prequels



Alright guys. Here it is. The thing I’ve been working on for the past three weeks: a sweet mashup trailer for the Prequel Trilogy using the music from the trailer for The Force Awakens – finished just in time for the film’s release. Well, almost. The goal I set for myself was to create a trailer that showed that the Prequels could be just as compelling as the other films in the saga. I’m incredibly proud of it and hope it’s successful in highlighting what I feel were the best parts of the Prequel Trilogy.



A message of reassurance for those getting into Star Wars for the first time right now:

If you end up liking the prequels as much as the original trilogy, there’s nothing wrong with you. If you love the prequels more than the originals, that’s perfectly okay. You can prefer Ewan’s Obi-Wan to Alec’s. You can like or love Anakin Skywalker over Luke. Loving Anakin and Padme is not wrong. It’s okay to be a fan of Jar Jar Binks. You are not lesser if you love the prequels.

I just wanted to put this out there because the Star Wars fandom is full of nasty gatekeepers who would try to make you feel like an idiot for daring to love anything more than the original trilogy. So if you’re getting into it now and enjoy Episodes I-III more the Episodes IV-VI, I want you to know that doesn’t make you any less of a Star Wars fan.

And if you end up loving The Force Awakens more than any of the six that came before it, that doesn’t make you any less of a Star Wars fan either!

(This is basically just a rehashing of this wonderful post, but I feel like it’s important to reiterate this point).

People get so ANGRY when I say The Force Awakens is my favorite. But here’s the thing, I always vaguely liked the original trilogy but I only saw myself in Leia. And I don’t know. I didn’t particularly feel like a Leia. I liked it but it was always very clear that I wasn’t the intended audience. The Force Awakens is the first Star Wars that feels like MINE. I see myself reflected in multiple characters. Rey is my favorite. This is the first Star Wars that I want to make costumes for and read fan fic about and draw little hearts around characters faces. This one feels like mine!

So I tell people it’s my favorite. And when they get angry I just say it again louder. Because this one is mine and I don’t care if you don’t like it. The Force Awakens is my favorite Star Wars movie of all time. ITS MY FAVORITE.