Combeferre as a music major who plays like 10 different instruments, but he’s a pianist at heart. He has a showcase coming up for his major, but all of the practice rooms at his uni are full. So he ends up playing the open piano at the hang out spot on campus, among all of the pool tables and the ice cream bar.

A few people actively listen to him while others mind their own business. However, this one curly haired beauty comes up to the piano and hums along with him, commenting on the pieces and Ferre’s expression of them in between Combeferre’s takes.

He stays there for hours until Combeferre eventually calls it a day. Just as Ferre is trying to thank him for listening and bid him goodbye, he sticks out his hand with a crooked smile. “I’m Courfeyrac,” he introduces, “would you like to grab some coffee with me?”

And YES Combeferre would love to get coffee with him. So they head to Starbucks and order overpriced lattes, laughing and talking until an ungodly hour in the morning.