i think a big reason why i use tons of emoticons and exclamation points is because i want there to be no doubt that i’m being friendly and not at all terse or uninterested, cause i have the problem where when people reply to me i’m sure they must be soo irritated with me and disgusted with who i am as a person if they don’t put some indication of being interested/happy to speak with me (liiiiike exclamation points or emoticons). 



Okay but in the new star wars there’s that super serious Rey scene when she goes to the basement but I can never focus on her because of BB-8 in the background very carefully going down one stair at a time like BB-8 ur round please don’t do stairs at dramatic moments

#that’s the best part of the movie though #*leans* thunk. *leans* thunk. *leans* thunk. [x]