OK, so this song prompted this–Feuilly and Enjolras sitting on a blanket on the beach, leaning into each other and watching the waves as the sun sets. They’re just quietly enjoying each others’ company–no stress, no pressing deadlines, no work, no causes, no NOTHING. Just a calm, slowly deepening blue sky, lit with soft yellows and oranges, gently crashing waves, and each other. And as the sun sets and the air cools, they just lean closer together, sharing warmth, and soft, happy smiles. ^_^


This is such a lovely thought <333


The trip had been a spontaneous thing. Enjolras had been working on yet another paper, the third one that week for a class he would have passed last semester except he got distracted and didn’t turn in the final paper to his intense embarrassment. It wouldn’t happen again, at least that’s what he had told himself when he started the class, but here he was sitting in a stack of sources six inches thick when Feuilly entered the apartment in an uncharacteristic flurry of movement.

“Lets go.” He said, plopping a full duffel bag onto the adjacent chair.

“…huh?” Enjolras asked in an equally uncharacteristic display of confusion brought on by a headache that not even the large coffee he’d been nursing could fix.

“I have three days off and I can’t be here in the city right now. I’ll go by myself, but I’d like it if you come with me.” Feuilly gestured to the stacks of paper on the table. “It looks like you could do with a break too.”

Enjolras nodded, closed the laptop, shoved the papers in his bag in no particular order, drained the last of the coffee, and began packing.

It was already three when they set off.

It was nearly seven when they arrived, the ocean lapping up at the shore. They left their bags and shoes in the car, and ran down to the beach with a whoop of joy. Both were sure they had never seen the other smile so wide, so freely. When they had their fill, they sat just out of the reach of the waves. The sky and ocean merging into one at the horizon line, a bursting display of blues and yellows and pinks so beautiful they could have been a painting.

Contentment, that’s what this was, and in his moment they were so incredibly happy.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah~~~~~~~~~~~~!!  😀  YES.  Just… YES.  ^______^  I love this whole image and them and just YES.  ^____^  I’m glad you enjoyed it, too!  ^_^

(Also, for anyone curious, this was the song that Zelle posted that I was talking about.)