(for @soemily, whom i texted this to, and who wants to be able to reblog it):

He’s that dude in your philosophy of science class who’s always stoned as hell and you definitely thought you were gonna hate him but then some other dude tried to play devil’s advocate and he was like “PLEASE Jeffery, tell us all about how you are smarter than KANT, I’d love to hear it” and it’s the only time he’s ever spoken in class but you were put into a presentation group with him and to be honest he’s not the hardest worker because you guys meet on Saturday mornings and he’s always out with his ska punk Bangles cover band on Fridays but at least he always shows up AND he brings snacks every week, and you kinda wanna make out with him in the stacks or maybe even wear something you know you look good in to go see his stupid terrible band play

look i am totally able to admit this is what im attracted to and yes i would make out with him in the stacks no shame im down