Les Mis Big Bang & Baby Bang sign ups



Please sign up as a writer and/or an artist using the following links. You may sign up as both writer and artist. If you would like to only sign up as a pinch-hitter, please just use the same form, and specify pinch hitter only in one of the boxes. 

Writer sign-ups will close on the 28th Jan 2016. Artist sign ups will not close. I said previously that there won’t be beta sign-ups; I lied! As some people are concerned that @lesmisbetasearch is not very active, we will be actively helping people to find betas should they want one.

WRITER sign ups

ARTIST sign ups

BETA sign ups

Just under two weeks left to sign up as a writer!

Also, we are in need of betas, so if you don’t fic/art but want to participate, please consider being a beta!