Killian kicks off his Kinky Boots and heads for home

Killian Donnelly is getting ready for a change of footwear: he’s swapping his kinky boots for a pair of cowboy boots. […] McGuinness
saw him in Memphis — and then wrote Donegal with him in mind. Donnelly
joked that he had been offered the ‘Killian Donnelly part’.

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Throwback Thursday :: Killian working for the votes for Phantom of the Opera’s 2012 West End Eurovision video ident, including message banter with former Les Miserables cast member Scott Garnham, who was busy doing the same vote-gathering for Les Mis’ ident that year.

You can watch Phantom’s video ident The Only Way Is Phantom here.



Air for a Wise Celtic Fool (Studio Record) // Killian Donnelly

Our hatred stronger than our fear.
Men will soon shed blood, while women shed their tears;
Still they’ll never understand.
I’ll stand and fight;I will not run,
But when this bloodstained day is done-
I am not sure that anyone,
Will ever, ever understand.
Will you ever understand

Anyone else listen to this song on repeat and make yourself sad because Combeferre?


Inside the West End Episode 2: Killian Donnelly
“Inside The West End” is a brand new weekly podcast featuring in-depth interviews from the world of theatre. Produced by professional actors Ben Morris and Rob Copeland, “Inside the West End” is the first podcast to get behind the scenes of the industry and give an honest and well rounded view of the theatre from the perspective of the people who work in it.

In this episode we speak to actor Killian Donnelly backstage at The Adelphi Theatre about his journey from amateur theatre in Ireland to starring as Charlie Price in ‘Kinky Boots The Musical’ in London’s West End.

Listen to the podcast here.


With luck, there will be a new addition this year to the annual festive photos, but in the meantime, a Throwback Thursday of Killian’s St. Paddy’s Days over the last four years: showing off his magnificent hat at Phantom in 2012, greeting his baby nephew Nick for the first time during a quick daytrip up to Dublin in 2013, falling asleep and getting papped by castmate Mark Dugdale before the Commitments appeared on morning television in 2014, and sporting the Ireland rugby spirit backstage at Memphis in 2015.