Bad News: Our boss locked the keys inside the building.

Good News: We didn’t have to wait around for a locksmith.

Bad News: My boss finds it very concerning that I know how to pick locks, and tried to unlock my Tragic Backstory™. I was too embarrassed to admit that the reason I learned was because, at thirteen, I figured that was the kind of skill that would impress cute girls.

Good News: A cute girl saw me do it.

Bad News: It was Maggie, and since she’s already seen me fall out of several trees, cry because I saw a fawn that was just too damn small, and knows I can ride a unicycle, she’ll never think I’m cool no matter what I do. It’s too late. She knows.



where a grad student becomes a supervillain for extra credit since their doctoral committee is lowkey three of the city’s supervillains. and they meet the hero who is cute and charming and idealistic. and damn, extra credit is so not worth this. but damn, grad school is expensive and the job market is competitive 

“there’s good in you”

“i really think all that’s in me at this point is ramen, red bull and spite”


Okay so my friends did something like this and it just screamed Courferre


It starts with them walking home one day. ‘Ferre wants to do an experiment on how people see same gender relationships in their little village and so they agree that they’ll hold hands every time they’re together for a couple of days.

You know, totally just for science.

Cut to a week later and they’re holding hands constantly, sitting on each other’s laps, cuddling during movies and their friends are wondering how long this experiment was actually meant to last for.

The strange looks they got for the first week start gradually disappearing as people get used to them.

They don’t notice how much more time they’re spending together until Marius asks Courf one day how they’re coping with being like a couple for so long. That’s when he realises that he might be a little bit in love with ‘Ferre.

Then they’re watching a movie one day, huddled under a pile of blankets and Courf decides to ask whether the experiment’s going to last much longer.

“’Ferre?” *blink blink* “’Ferre?”
“Well… I don’t know…”

Confused adorable puppy ‘Ferre looks at small kinda-smiley Courf and Courf just says “Fuck it” and kisses ‘Ferre so hard they both go dizzy but when he finally pulls away ‘Ferre’s right back in there.
The ‘experiment’ ends up including marriage and kids too.



School. Made. Them. Do. This.

what could go wrong


important otp question: who’s the one that points and stares at cool things when they’re hanging out together and who’s the one that stares fondly at their significant other while they’re distracted