The Sims is a trap. I had to quit cold turkey because I wasn’t sleeping anymore. I was spending every hour making sure my Sims lead their best lives and meanwhile I was forgetting to eat and sleep

OMG, I KNOW. -.-;;; That’s why I end up “forgetting” it exists for months on end. Because it is SUCH a time suck and I can’t get away from it! -.-;;; Fortunately, once everything is stable enough to kind of run on autopilot if it needs to, I get bored. And then I can break out of its hold for a while. ^_~ It probably helps that at least half the appeal for me is the decorating/house building.


Uh-oh.  Thanks to a torqued schedule because of bringing Gabriel in for a dental cleaning today (and then not being able to leave him alone until he was less wobbly from the anesthesia), I was not at all hungry for dinner at dinner time and thus didn’t eat.  And now it’s 20 to 9 and I’m JUST starting to get hungry.

…but if I eat this late, it will totally give me indigestion and then I won’t sleep.  UGH.  THIS IS A PROBLEM.

Especially because I have no food in the house and would have to order in which means no food until possibly 9:30.  *sigh*  DAMN it.  And if I DON’T order in food, I’m going to end up eating like… chocolate and four bowls of cereal for dinner because I’ll be so hungry I won’t be thinking straight, and I will definitely regret that more.  UGH.  FAIL.

So… random unexpected side effect of all these Star Wars feels floating about is that I have gotten suddenly, intensely nostalgic for certain things from my childhood.  This has happened before, sure, but every now and then I’m hit with a nostalgia so strong it’s almost a physical pain.  And it’s really, really lame, but… the two things that nostalgia hangs on are those old vintage tupperware cups from the 70s and vintage pyrex.  Now, every time I get nostalgic for the Pyrex, I go visit it at my mom’s house and everything is good.  She even let me steal some of it for my own use, so I have some in MY house.  But the tupperware?  Well.  We still have a few at my mom’s house, but several of them have been lost over the years, including the ones that were my favorite colors.  So that nostalgia is stupidly painful because even though we still HAVE some of them… it’s my fault we lost the ones I like.  I took them to college.  And somewhere, in all my subsequent moves, I’m pretty sure they were lost.

What I’m trying to say is… I may or may not have spent some money on Etsy in the interest of having my own set of said mugs.  -.-;;;

There’s actually 8 of them with lids.  I’m so giddy about this purchase, though.  And now I want to get the sippy cup ones, too.  Because we lost the blue one ages ago and it was both mine and my sister’s favorite and SOMEONE TELL ME I DON’T NEED TO BUY CUPS THAT DOUBLE AS SIPPY CUPS.  -.-;;;   PLEASE?

I agreed to sub tomorrow (and I’m actually subbing for a math teacher and I’M SO EXCITED BECAUSE I CAN ACTUALLY ANSWER QUESTIONS IF THE KIDS NEED HELP XD), which means I have to get up circa 5 AM.  Which means I should probably go to sleep.  I should NOT, under ANY circumstances, be considering watching Revenge of the Sith again to satisfy my Obi-Wan/Anakin feels.